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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Mar 3, 2018

Another weekend where I talk about the blog posts, podcasts, and videos of the week. If you want to do an APPE academic teaching rotation in fall contact me at

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NAPLEX blog post

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Welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice from building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast weekend edition Sunday edition I'm not really sure I always tend to record it on Saturday but I'll make sure it gets out by Sunday first things first we're gonna talk a little bit about nap flex and we've got a ton of other stuff as well so we'll talk about jobs and a number of podcasts and YouTube videos that are gonna be really helpful would match and things like that so first thing in a tldr pharmacy put out the how to study for the NAP flex and pass on your first try he has in the two years that TLDR has been around he's never actually done a nap flex post so this is extensive and one of the things he puts in all gold caps which of course you're never supposed to do unless you really mean it and I think he should really mean it is that you need to know brand and generic names and this is completely self-serving but I wrote two books that have brand and generic names and people ask me like why did you write you know memorizing pharmacology and not read it yourself why did you have you know a narrator do it and he's Scottish actually but it's more of an English accent and I had him read it because there's I've seen on the boards like well if somebody has you know English accent then you know they can read the phone book to me and it'll be fine and while there's enough narrative in the book that it doesn't sound like the phone book I kind of took that principle of well if I wanted to learn brand and generic I don't know if I'd really want Tony reading it to me but I encourage you to get it for free if you've never been on audio audible they'll let you have the audio book memorizing pharmacology which has 200 drugs that I go through brand in generic and then 350 drugs on good night farm if you're looking at your RX prep book in it's kind of a doorstop right now I recommend this as a quick way to get back on track with some of the brand in generic names and then visit TLDR pharmacies post they've got a lot of great links to some other therapeutic classes that I think are really gonna help if you're finishing up your AP PE is trying to find a job trying to find a place to live you may be feeling a little over committed and the pharmacy girl has a great blog post on that and her blog posts are pretty quick hits oh I love being able to just read it really quickly but I always feel over committed I know I say yes too many times to too many things and if you're feeling that way I definitely recommend reading her blog post I talked with career staff Rx this week because I wanted to do an episode on jobs and I've talked to a couple of people about jobs but what I really wanted was if you let's say you're putting out applications and I saw this one blog post that said you know I've been in Austin for a year and a half and I haven't been able to find a job and my I'm this old and I just feel like you know I don't know what to do so I wanted to know is there a single phone number or a single website that you could go to and I'd written a blog post for them before about how to find which areas of the country are which area the country have you know maybe a little more of a challenge in getting a job and then which are a little bit easier and you can find that on the career staff RX blog or the pharmacy blog but there's a new opening for a pharmacy director and behavioral health here in Iowa but they have 49 pharmacists jobs on career staff RX that you can look at there and the websites pretty intuitive it goes by state but when I was talking with him and we've done the episode it's  in the can I just need to have mastered and get it out there but we kind of talked about that float pool that a company like this has or national company I think they have 20 locations across the country but that if they're going to hear about a job then it's going to end up going to that float pool first before it ever gets you know advertised and that's the thing is that are you just going out there looking for jobs or are you working and you know are you in maybe a queue to get a job a little bit later so I guess in my head when I thought of the job search I thought of opening a newspaper well that's bad opening a newspaper totally dating myself and circling yeah and maybe this job or maybe that job and I think you're finding that you are late to the party every time you apply for a job if it's one that's already been advertised so how do you get on the inside how do you hear about a job before it's ever posted getting with one of these companies may be a way to do it so again I don't have any sponsorship deal with these guys I just think that right now it's a little bit of a scary time because you know maybe the one person one spouse is going to celebrate yeah you know I got a residency in such-and-such state and then the other spouse who might also be a pharmacist not interested in residency is saying okay well how am I going to get a job and I think this is a really good solution to that okay what's going on with the podcast so thank you guys for listening twenty three thousand seven hundred and eighty-five downloads last month so we went from seven thousand in December when we started out thirteen thousand in January twenty three thousand seven hundred and eighty-five in February so it's great to hear that we've really kind of touched on a subject that people want to hear about which is leadership and pharmacy practice looking at the number of countries and I got this from Hilary Blackburn she looked at the number of countries that her podcast has gone to and I just did it just for fun to see you know what where are people listening and let me put a little caveat to this like there's you know one person that downloaded one episode in Belarus or El Salvador but there's a hundred and twenty-two countries listening so I thought that was kind of cool that so many that this podcast is going to so many different places in terms of next week what's going on with the pharmacy leaders podcast on Monday we focused on women in pharmacy with Jackie Boyle and Sara Sorum from and Wisconsin's does it a little bit differently it's the pharmacy Society of Wisconsin and those two have a great conversation then I talked with a president Mark Brunton CPHTMSED from the pharmacy technician educators council and the pharmacy technician national meeting is in Indianapolis this year so I really recommend that if you in any way educate pharmacy technicians or if you're interested in that as a future profession that's definitely the place to go I really love connecting with those guys it's such a super niche it's such a super niche event that you'll really feel at home if you have anything to do with pharmacy technician training because it's about a hundred and fifty to three hundred people rather than you know a pas HP's like twenty five thousand APHA is like five or ten you'll really feel at home there and then my APPE student every APPE student that comes through my site is asked to interview someone that's inspired them or that has helped them and she interviews Shari Schmidt of GRX Holdings that's a local when I say local is central Iowa they have 20 medic at pharmacies the long-term care pharmacy solution in a number of other things but that's on Friday looking at the mother ship there were some pretty good episodes this week elite wealth management those guys at a waypoint financial they give a couple of good recommendations in terms of how to work with your money then Todd interviewed Shane Reeves pharmacist who's going for Tennessee State Senate obviously the more politicians that are pharmacists the better we can articulate how our services and how our profession is helpful to them let's see Todd was at the PDS super growth pharmacy conference and then I always like hearing about pharmacogenomics and I just love the acronym the PGX acronym but dr. Jason Cavallino talked with the CEO of RX VIP enterprises talks with Ken stern field and that is really kind of a great what do I want to say it's really I really enjoyed hearing about pharmacogenomics because it's something that I don't know a ton about I'm non-clinical but I always love to hear people talking about what's going on in the future and going outside the pharmacy podcast network RX radio had kind of a compilation of their Alexa briefings and he talked about how suddenly and I want to say I'm not sure if I'm getting this right if it was Sam's Club I think that closed 43 stores and that was rather abrupt and how you know we're talking about maybe a hundred people losing their jobs and I don't want to go doom and gloom but I'm just saying that again we really do want to have kind of a side business or side skilled just because we don't want to depend 100% on our primary job and this is in any profession but I was really it was so many different flash briefings together was like 16 minutes I really got a lot out of all the different places and it it just kind of goes from one to the other so it's kind of neat I talked to your pharmacist podcast they talked about pharmacogenomics as well so that's Hillary Blackburn so if you want to hear from her on pharmacy leaders podcasters was honor one of our first episodes I got to interview her at ASHP and she talks to someone at 1 ohm and I think the ohm is like at the end of genome it's not like the mantra um om so sorry I have a little bit of a cold so I'm my throat's a little bit scratchy so Hilary Blackburn talks about personalized medicine another one was the yfp podcast that was kind of cool hearing from true register I know yfp has affiliation with APHA or they've had that for two years and hearing a little bit about what it is to get out of pharmacy school and do residency and then he lives in DC or around DC and that's my hometown and you want to talk about one of the most expensive places in the country to live that's it you know my parents home and in my home are probably comparable in terms of there's a little bit bigger but in terms of size but the cost of our home in one of the best neighborhoods in the well that's actually probably the best neighborhoods in the state same with where my family is a third so our mortgage would be a third of what theirs is of course they bought theirs back in the 80s when it was like - and then it blew up - whatever it is now so but yfp I like to keep in touch with just because they always have kind of couples a lot of times and then kind of individual practitioners that are just starting Brian Fung on YouTube this is really I want to say he published it today pharmacy residency rank order list what are the factors to consider so it's about 12 minutes and I definitely recommend you checking him out on that it was really even though I'm not you know ranking for a residency I'm always looking for people that are giving great advice and I think he did a good job there and then Kevin Yee I think just like a lot of people feel like they have to do residency because everybody else is doing it and that really comes from everyone who teaches at a pharmacy school is probably residency trained so when somebody says well how do I get a job they're going to tell you well you go to a residency but if you come to those of us that are in practice especially non clinicals we're like you don't have to do that actually it may slow you down so I think that he does a great job with a question that many of you have when you graduate is well how am I going to buy a house and he talks about why you don't need to buy a house that there are other investments and that you don't necessarily need to do that and there are reasons not to do that especially if you're only gonna live in a place for a little while some of you know that I was a real estate agent for seven years and I finished out that that last year with I think 10 million in sales so I know what I'm doing wouldn't when it comes to real estate and talking about it and that is a big mistake I see is when one the two mistakes I see the most are one people are trying to buy a home because they feel like they have to and two they spend as much as they possibly are as much as they're approved for on the loan so those are the two big mistakes in the real estate but I definitely I think you should listen to Kevin he's got some 10 minute coffee series that he's just started and I think that's pretty cool as well so yeah he's got like 4,000 subscribers I just broke the 10,000 subscriber mark so that's kind of cool that to know that we're giving so much value to the people out there so again this is our Weekend Update and no I didn't say Weekend Update that's probably like trademark or something so it's the Sunday pharmacy news update and again I do appreciate it if you do recommend or buy the memorizing pharmacology audio book or a goodnight farm and then if you ever have anybody who really struggles with pronunciation I literally wrote the book how to pronounce drug names and they're not going to know they're pronouncing it wrong it's just like if somebody's house smells bad they live there so they don't know it smells bad so it's not like you can come in with a bottle of Febreze and like hey you should use this but when it comes to drug names you're really talking about patient safety so again that might be a recommendation if you find someone that struggles so I appreciate it I appreciate all of the listeners that we have out there and I will talk to you next week support for this episode comes from the audio book memorizing pharmacology a relaxed approach with over 9,000 sales in the United States United Kingdom and Australia it's the go-to resource to ease the pharmacology challenge available on audible iTunes and in print ebook and audiobook thank you for listening to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra be sure to share the show with the hash tag hash pharmacy leaders