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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

May 12, 2018

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! I go over the weekly blogs, podcasts and videos and news I've found helpful. 

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Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice on building your professional
network brand and a purposeful second
income from students residents and
innovative professionals hey welcome to
the pharmacy leaders podcast pharmacy
weekend edition I'm going to be running
75 miles with seven of my friends from
Des Moines area community college so I
will be out for Saturday and then of
course it's Mother's Day Sunday so I
wanted to get this recorded here on
Friday but probably release over the
weekend so let's go over what's going on
in pharmacy so first of all TLDR
pharmacy he has a great new blog post
yes you can still get a residency if you
didn't match this year and it's a story
of someone who didn't match and then he
kind of took a look and I don't so I
took a look inside but I kind of took a
look at what what he had is you know and
what he was maybe missing in terms of
what residency would want and goes
through that story and you know not to
be the spoiler but you know it works out
he gets the residency and things are
alright but there are a couple of
different things that he did especially
getting better at interviewing and he
talks about how to reapply so for those
of you that didn't match there's
probably gonna be more residency's next
year I mean over and above the five
thousand looks like they're adding about
300 a year and I think that's complete
you know total PG y 1 and PG y 2 but
it's going to get a little easier each
year and I and there's going to be a
little bit more selection each year if
they keep on this pace so I definitely
encourage you to keep at it and not to
quit if that's something that you want
to do looking at the mothership and the
pharmacy podcast network started off
Monday with Advanced Education in
pharmacogenomics and
that was talking about a master's degree
at Manchester University which is in I
want to say North Manchester Indiana so
it's it's not a British degree it's not
in the UK but that's something that you
could check out and then it's not
available yet but Brandon Welch who I
was part of Appa wrote a book called the
PBM mafia and he said that's going to
come out soon but basically going behind
the scenes and saying this is what's
going on with the PBM this is why
patients medications are so expensive
and the pharmacist is getting reimbursed
X but then there's this huge number
sometimes with y so again I haven't read
the book it's not something you can get
on Amazon but continue to watch out for
that and then motivational interviewing
with the fit pharmacist came out on
Thursday again he's always very positive
I always feel a little bit better after
any one of his episodes looking at core
consult rx
they had to rerecord one I think they
lost it but they're up to eight podcast
episodes and it's at core console our
XCOM ford slash podcast helix talk had
the pulmonary embolism podcast episode I
don't want to say a week ago I don't
know if Hilary did this on purpose but
in time for Mother's Day weekend she
talked to pharmacists moms group starter
Susie Solomon who was on the pharmacy
podcast network but I would definitely
check that out and again for all of you
moms that have to work Sunday hopefully
our industry is moving toward something
that's a bit more remote where some of
the things that we can do we can do at
home and I'm not gonna have to pull
these Sundays or dad's miss Father's Day
moms miss Mother's Day and things like
rx radio had two episodes this week the
first one I I talked about in my
episode which was about the pharmacist
oversupply and really everyone's trying
to get things through to get this
provider status done and definitely the
associations are doing everything they
can and it's just really really tough
because what you have are all these
competing health care providers and
we're trying to say this is our niche
this is their niche you know we're not
trying to step on anyone's toes but
we're also trying to show our value at
the same time but just as we are trying
to say okay well you know eventually
we're going to be in doctors offices and
you know the I want to say the labor I
can't remember what the Labor Department
is but the Department of late maybe the
Department of Labor had in there that
the number of pharmacists in physicians
offices is going to increase but what I
don't think we ever talk about maybe
this is something to talk about is that
if you're a physician group and you have
a choice of adding a pharmacist or
adding a PA or adding a nurse
practitioner the pharmacist can't
prescribe yet it can in some areas but
that's the big thing I think where if we
could prescribe some things then it
would be a lot easier for us to be part
of the regular flow but right now what
I'm hearing is that as pharmacists we're
getting in for like a day a week a
consistent day a week and then we're
really it's really up to us to show okay
well this is what I do and then this is
how I fit into the workflow and so forth
nurses have worked with doctors and for
millennia and then physician assistant
that profession clearly says you know
physician and physician assistant work
together so as pharmacists we'd always
been separate we'd always been in a
completely different building and now we
are you know trying to work to change
that especially with this outcomes-based
model of healthcare so I think it is
going to take time but again I I think
that that's where our struggle is going
to be because you know we're that
you know the reason most school site as
we're opening in his school because of
the need for pharmacists well what's
really happening or the real need is
that if there was no need for new
schools then no one would apply no one
would go to these new schools but what's
happening is that people are going to
these schools and what's going to happen
I believe is that they're going to start
shrinking in what students are saying is
that I prefer to go to a school that's
closer to me maybe even that I can stay
at home or live at home during school
and going from 75 to 150 it makes it a
lot easier for you to be near one now
when you get into states like Tennessee
where you have like all the schools
bunched together it's kind of hard to
say well now it's you really have to
have a big selection I don't know so
it's really hard for me to I don't know
justify the the continued opening of
more schools but I mean the people that
benefit are definitely the students who
are wanting a choice when they become
pharmacy students but students later
lose out because now the supply is
getting to be higher and higher or more
and more higher wouldn't be the right
word but anyway that that's something we
can talk about for a long time
then our X ray will put up another
episode baseballs pharmacists so this
was a really cool really cool episode I
think you'll enjoy and my wife huge st.
Louis Cardinals fan and I am st. Louis
Cardinals fan by marriage and I of
course came from Baltimore with the
Orioles but I think you'll really like
that it was just something completely
different and then if you want check him
out it's STL cup of joe on twitter just
a very cool cool interview the your
financial pharmacist guys I haven't
really updated on them in a while but
they're just some that they do that's so
money intensive that I'm just like no I
don't got insurance or I've already got
but there are a couple that done
recently that really speak to my
audience my audience you know certainly
a large percentage of your students so
the five big mistakes pharmacists make
with their student loans they really
take the time to go through each of the
mistakes and and they're being very very
transparent talking about their own
mistakes they're not saying see don't do
this do that they just said I did this I
should have done that and the order of
loss can be in the hundreds of thousands
generally the tens of thousands but it
can it can get pretty pretty big if you
don't know how to do what you need to do
especially when it comes to deferment
forbearance forgiveness those things are
so complicated require so many kind of
different little tweaks to it the next
one was leveraging opportunities during
your student and and I think it's really
hard to feel that you have to get make
more and more money because the pressure
of student loans as I've listened to
their podcast or they're now almost are
50 episodes is that it's not there it's
just completely absent when you're in
school like you know there's this money
back there and you know you owe it but
it doesn't impact your life at all it's
just this debt that you have back there
and until you get out it's just not a
big deal but as the student loans have
grown we've crossed that magical 20%
where if your student loans are 20% of
your income as income ZAR coming down
you're going to see that there's this
crossover where now you are eligible for
forbearance and it's clear that many
pharmacists are taking this route or
some kind of deferment route or some
kind of non-traditional ten year route
because the average pharmacist pays off
their loans and I want to say was 14 to
15 years so something like that but it
was really really enlightening and then
the newest episode when I came out
yesterday I think best practices for car
buying and and they talked to the
Facebook group and asked us you know
what we thought and
and maybe I'll start doing some of those
episodes later in the summer I think I'm
through maybe the middle of May I'll
keep with the the interviews and then I
have AP PE students in late June but I
think somewhere in the middle I'm going
to start recording some episodes just
talking about my thoughts on money and
how I kind of built to where I am where
you know I don't I just don't have any
debt I don't have any consumer debt I
don't have any car debt we we only have
the mortgage because it makes sense to
have the mortgage but we we have enough
to pay it off if we wanted to why we use
two houses instead of one so we split we
have the the home that we're in but
instead of living in the mega mansion
we've got a rental which if you add them
up it's like you know a really really
nice house but we decided to live in a
bit of a smaller house and rent out the
other one so that when you know time
comes everything's paid off and we have
a much bigger house and someone who's
renting is helping us do that and there
were super nice are my tenants are
amazing found a new pharmacist on
YouTube she has a little over ten
thousand subscribers as well so I have
about eleven thousand Paul Tran ten
thousand and Kelsey Douglas who I wanted
to talk about also has ten thousand and
the video I want to talk about is my
advice to future pharmacy students she's
really into fitness has some videos
about her working out and she's super
super strong but I would rarely check
that one out I think there were thirty
seven thousand views on that it's my
advice to future pharmacy students
Pharmacy talk by Kelsey Douglas Kevin Yi
I don't know if I mentioned this but he
had he he had two episodes one house and
I got in after ten years of trying and
then one house and one almost got kicked
out of pharmacy school and that was a
live stream and I ended up coming to the
live stream really late I want to say it
was like the last two or three minutes
so I didn't even post on the on there
but but I definitely recommend Kevin he
he's always got great stuff he's always
engaging Brian Fung had asked me
anything episode I want to say was like
six days ago five days ago
and then it's Corinne and Dennis on it
but it's on this channel and then
nothing new from Paul Tran so again I
always welcome people that have
interesting stories and whether you want
me to interview you or if you want to
interview someone and you're up maybe a
micro preneur so making under $100,000
with your side hustle or something like
that I'm happy to have you on so just
give me an email or get in touch with me
on facebook Messenger at Tony
pharmd one and happy Mother's Day to all
the moms and I will see you guys next
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