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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Jun 8, 2018

Abdelwadood Daoud talks about how it was difficult growing up in a low-income environment, and how he used his situation as a motivator and driver for his success. Abdelwadood is a senior studying mechanical engineering at Iowa State University with a background in computer science and energy. Over the last few years, he has gained a multitude of unique experiences. Here are a few… He interned at Tesla in California where he and his team were able to save the company over 3 million dollars. He taught English to homeless men in New Delhi, India. He carried out research on the most efficient energy system ever conceived at the National Energy Technology Laboratory. With all of this, Wadood also serves as the National Finance Chair for the National Society of Black Engineers. He is passionate about helping those around the world who haven’t been dealt the best hand in life. Specifically, he believes anyone can change the course of their life with the right balance of learning, networking, and confidence. YouTube episode link: