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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Leadership Interviews

Jan 28, 2018

This is an episode where I get to talk directly to you in between our usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday interviews.

In this episode, I highlight what's coming up and what I've listened to recently in the podcasting world and blogosphere.

Special thanks to CorConsultRx for his Instagram promotion featuring my book Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach. Here's his giveaway page:

Full Transcript: 

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice from building your
professional network brand and a
purposeful second income from students
residents and innovative professionals
welcome to a special Sunday edition of
pharmacy leaders podcast I'm reading
this book or listening to it on audible
called getting things done and I had a
little bit of break-in time and so I'm
going to go over the episodes that we
expect to see on the pharmacy leaders
podcast in this coming up week and then
do a little bit of quick rundown of some
podcast episodes that I recommend that
you listen to Sunday's are generally my
long-run day so I'll run hopefully two
hours today maybe a little bit more
I feel 14 miles would be a good good
amount today so I load up on the podcast
episodes that I'm listening to and go
out and do it so this week on the pot
pharmacy leaders podcast we're gonna
have Jackie Boyle who's doing a new
series women and leadership and she'll
be the primary interviewer and she's
going to be picking the interviewees
that she feels are contributing or
demonstrating through their actions
support of women in leadership on
Wednesday we're going to have the big
announcement for the three stipends
travel stipends for APHA and we'll hear
from Jackie Boyle who will take the
extrovert side how does an extrovert
network now you might think that that's
intuitive it extroverts just go out
there and talk to people but really as
an extrovert sometimes listening is the
biggest challenge to really listen to
what the other person is saying make
sure to follow up on those types of
things and then on Friday we'll hear
from Brandon Dyson of TLDR pharmacy bill
I'll take the introvert side what are
some recommendations for an introvert
and how they might engage
and network to make sure that if they
want to go to you know X region for
their a career that they're going to be
one of the top candidates because
they're gonna know people and they're
going to be in that fast-track group so
in terms of other podcasts that I
listened to this week I am a voracious
podcast listener I go to I have a long
commute on Monday Wednesdays so that's
about 90 minutes that I listen to each
Monday Wednesday and then I always on
Sunday is my long run so about two hours
14 miles is what I'll do today and I
either have listened to or I've stacked
these as something that I'm going to
listen to so let's first talk about the
mothership the pharmacy podcast network
we had an episode about the making an
impact in the opioid epidemic and that
was on Monday and also we had an episode
from dr. Maurice Shaw the doctor of
comedy joining Adam Martin the fit
pharmacist to talk about how laughter
can be sometimes the best medicine and
and talk about some of the physiology
and chemistry that goes along with that
but that really we always tend to think
about the medicines and and how the
patient needs to take them but also
maybe we should think of some of the
things outside of medicine to help them
as well we saw Mike Johnston CP HT who
is the CEO of the national pharmacy
technician Association on Wednesday and
I know him and met him one time actually
but we're both national authors I write
for Elsevier Pharmacy Technician book
for them and then he also has a
nationally published book so I encourage
you to listen to Mike Johnston
especially if you have pharmacy
technicians in your life or your
pharmacy technician Aaron Albert
interviews Dorie Clark who is from the
Duke University Fuqua School of Business
she's a professional speaker
and she talks a bit about what it is to
reinvent and help others make changes in
their lives then the pharmacy inspection
five castithan brian will talk with rad
Dylan he's a pharmacist and certified
surveyor and consultant for the
accreditation committee for healthcare
and he knows a lot about the peak have
accreditation audits so if you are in
the compounding world definitely as some
of those guys and then there's a couple
of other podcasts that I want to mention
one that you may or may not have heard
of is cork consult rx Mike does a
fantastic job doing some case studies
and I'll talk about helix talk in a
minute but if you are in residency
interview mode I would definitely listen
to how Mike and Coll sit down and talk
about the COPD case how they talk about
hypertension guidelines in that first
episode really some great clinical
knowledge there and then I know Mike has
an in contest going on on Instagram I
just got back on insta so I have you
know almost 10,000 YouTube followers
seven thousand Twitter followers but I
might have you know two or three hundred
on Instagram at my Tony pharmd one so
but check out cork or consult our X on
Instagram that promotion I think only
goes another day
um the talk to your pharmacist podcast
Hillary Blackburn had a guest from the
United States Air Force who was a
pharmacist and obviously serving her
country but she has a really great story
as well and helix talked that they're
going to be dropping a new episode I
expect in the next couple days but they
had recently drop it like it's hot
pressin and the 2017 VA DoD PTSD
guidelines if you're studying for NAT
Plex and you're you know ahead on that I
know many of you won't study until after
you know you're getting residency or job
and all these things but I definitely
recommend at least checking out a couple
episodes from helix talk out of the
rosalind Franklin College of Pharmacy up
there in Chicago I think I covered all
of them we and a bunch of us were
recently in an article from PBA health
calm about the I think the title was the
most relatable pharmacy podcast to
download and pharmacy podcast pharmacy
leaders pharmacy inspection talk to your
pharmacist and helix talk made the top
five on that list so again I hope you
guys have a great week and again I'm
always looking for podcast episodes not
just to interview but if you are doing
something like maybe you're going to a
we just had our legislative day downtown
in Iowa so if you're going to a
legislative day and want to interview
someone if you want to interview
residency site and you know talk about
your residency site and why it would be
the best one for students anything like
that anything that's an interview that
has to do with leadership that has to do
with entrepreneurship I'm happy to
publish the episodes as long as it's
more of a nonprofit type of thing or
maybe you're a micro preneur and you've
just got this really cool thing it's
like fifteen or twenty bucks or
something like that
and you can do something like that so
again I really want to make the pharmacy
leaders podcast community of leaders in
my spare time obviously with a new
Facebook the way Facebook works for
businesses you would want to create a
group rather than what I have which is
memorizing pharmacology is it's a
Education site and kind of a portal but
it would probably be better for me to
have a group and maybe it were somewhere
I'll be able to put that together
so again if you have any questions
comments I'm always happy to hear from
you usually the easiest way to get in
touch with me is on Facebook through
at Tony PharmD one but I also encourage
you to check out some of the non audio
sources that are really really doing a
great job and that's Brandon Dyson a
tldr pharmacy the pharmacy girl calm and
then of course core consult rx
evidence-based based medicine reviews
all those guys are doing a great job of
providing fantastic free information for
you guys and for those that are making
it through pharmacy school and moving
towards things like BCPs they have a
great weekend and we'll hear from Jackie
Boyle tomorrow Monday January 29th
support for this episode comes from the
audio book memorizing pharmacology a
relaxed approach with over 9,000 sales
in the United States United Kingdom and
Australia it's the go-to resource to
ease the pharmacology challenge
available on audible iTunes and in print ebook and audiobook
thank you for listening to the pharmacy
leaders podcast with your host Tony
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