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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Leadership Interviews

Feb 4, 2018

It's Pharmacy News Sunday where I go over last week's and next week's happenings. Here are some important links:

Kevin Yee Pharmacist on YouTube and I talk about Career and Money on his YouTube channel: and his blogposts can be found here: Finding your Focus

APhA Three Travel Registration Stipend Contest link (In this episode, Shout out to our two current leaders Carleigh Roberts P2 of ULM School of Pharmacy and Bailey Rucker P3 of South University School of Pharmacy Savannah)

Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice on building your professional
network brand and a purposeful second
income from students residents and
innovative professionals hey welcome to
the pharmacy leaders podcast and welcome
to pharmacy news Sunday so all that
happened last week and all that's going
to happen next week so let's start off
with the travel stipends we've gotten
the contest off to a great start and I
wanted to highlight two students who are
really crushing it early in the
competition Carly Roberts is a p2
student at the University of Louisiana
Monroe she's attending the annual
meeting and hoping to network and learn
from others and do more with her
position with APHA and she is generation
rx co-chair and she's talked to more
than a thousand students about the
danger of prescription and
non-prescription drug misuse and helping
combat the opioid echo death epidemic
she lost a dear friend to addiction to
Adderall last year so really she's
crushing it she's in the lead right now
and really just kind of I'm just so
proud of her and the way that she's
gotten her tribe together it's gonna be
so important that we can let others know
that we're doing something and that we
need their support and that we can get
it from them and I know it's all of
Facebook Likes but really when you think
about it if you go out and ask your
friends you know if you need help with
something and we're gonna be talking
about things more than Facebook Likes
especially a provider status goes
through so congratulations to karlie for
that early lead and then the other
student is Bailey Rucker she says hey
y'all and she is currently a p3 at South
University School of Pharmacy Savannah
canvas so she was a little bit nervous
about moving away from home and starting
that new chapter in her life but this
three-year accelerated program that uses
the quarter system is obviously
challenging but I've heard over and over
again that leadership opportunities
don't evade those who are doing their
pharmacy training a little bit faster
she's happy about being part of a Pharma
Lee and she's file am to Sigma secretary
class president for the graduating class
of 2019 and pharmacy student leadership
council president
so clearly qualified as well so I do
hope that you take the time to look at
the people that are going out there and
putting themselves on the line out there
in public it's so important that we have
these representatives that have social
connections because when we're asking
for things like provider status again
we're going to need to lean into these
kinds of people that know how to get
other people to move ok so again I hope
that you guys do enter this is just one
third of it there's also the iTunes and
the audible ways to win I check out the
last episode with Brandon Dyson TLDR and
get more details on that alright so I
haven't given an interview in a long
time and I've certainly never done one
this as long as I did with Kevin Yee but
Kevin he is been on YouTube for quite a
long time he's phenomenal in just
calling it like it is and this is what's
going on with pharmacy and this is what
we can do about it and his group and his
followers are amazingly engaged with his
Kevin Yee pharmacist channel on YouTube
so I encourage you to check out that
video I'll certainly put the link in the
show notes and if you are you know
reticent about listening to an hour-long
interview I understand he really did a
really great job with the time stamps
talking about the different places you
end up in pharmacy so whether you're
working for someone else working
as someone who leads other people in the
pharmacy working for yourself or you're
the person that leads other people
working for themselves then what it is
to come into community pharmacy and
maybe find out that in the beginning
yeah this was what was for you but that
maybe it doesn't end up being a lifelong
career for you and that you want to move
out and what are you gonna do there I
struggled in the classroom and I talked
about that as well
why I went into pharmacy and then I talk
about some other side businesses that
have very little to do with being in a
pharmacy but using the skills that you
need as a PharmD and so I want to make
sure that I'm clear when I say that my
career has gone back and forth between
being in a pharmacy and being out of a
pharmacy but at all times I needed that
training that I got as a pharmacist but
I did have a very successful real estate
practice I was able to work my way up
through the teaching ladder eventually
getting a position at a college and then
give you some advice for the new grads
certainly some of I don't know if you
want to take my advice on dealing with
debt but it's definitely non-traditional
I'll let you listen to it it's at the 35
minute mark and then kind of talking
about investing and in the way that that
I look at it but again my life is is so
fortunate in that I'm you know when my
daughter says you know I really want you
to come for the first time I'm going to
hot lunch
I can go do that this morning my
daughter was sick and you know I came by
my wife went you know was able to go
work out she took care of the other two
and then we kind of switched off and
then she went to go take them to get
their ears pierced and then now I've got
a couple hours to work and then I'll go
back and take care of the sick little
and if I was working today it would just
be a tremendous burden on her
whether you're you know whatever spouse
you are but having that autonomy is
really what I think is kind of magical
about the entrepreneurial process okay
and I'm going to talk about that quite a
bit this week in our episodes but first
of all on Monday there was so much
success with the TLDR
interview format where I went back and
forth with Brandon Dyson on interview
questions that I said okay well let's
see if I can find someone else as well
that can talk to it a little bit and
Sean P Kane from rosalind Franklin
University up in Chicago was nice enough
to talk with me for a little bit about
what it is to do pgy one but then
articulate PG Y 2 as someone who's done
a critical-care PG y 2 and then he does
a really great job of answering a
critical-care question both if you've
had the critical care ap PE and then if
you haven't had it so what's a
reasonable answer what shows your skill
in either scenario because I know many
of you are have the lottery and you
didn't get to do your most advanced ap
PE s clinically and you have to go to
those residency interviews then another
thing that I hear often is I really want
a home-based business that I can do in
addition to pharmacy and and I brought
in my friend Janine Kell back of the
health care marketing Network she's got
five figure side salary from some gigs
that she had and I'll let you listen to
that on Wednesday and I've been getting
some really troubling I want to say
emails or notes and on social media that
some people are really struggling out
there with losing their positions in
certain areas
maybe it's it's no longer a fit and the
the pharmacy profession that they
started with is is so different now and
going back for residency is really not
an option so what i did was i can't--
went out and brought in entrepreneur Don
Hutchison who really hasn't has been an
entrepreneur all of his life he was in
service to our country in the military
went into a number of businesses and and
I talked to him about what it is to make
your own job in career because I think
that you know as as someone who's 45 if
I didn't have a position well if I was
working in pharmacy I don't need a
pharmacy license to do what I do I
chemistry and pharmacology at a
community college but if I did and was
working in a pharmacy
I would definitely feel like you know
after X number of years of working it
would be really tough for me to go into
a position that I wasn't maybe the
manager or some kind of leader and and I
would want to to make my own road as it
were okay so those are gonna be the
three episodes for next week Monday
Wednesday Friday and that's the format
that we probably gonna be keeping here
let's talk about some of the other
podcast episodes so on the pharmacy
podcast network what's important to know
about buying and selling a pharmacy so
if after graduation your dream is to own
a pharmacy we hear from chat Christian
Harrington corporate vice president of
pharmacy strategies with HD Smith who
give some advice there the next episode
5:43 with java although it's spelled
like java like coffee Coleman on the
pharmacy inspection podcast I really
love this episode because it was about
processes and how if you get the process
right you can do amazing things and they
talked about in compounding pharmacy how
they kind of made these I want to say it
was peanut butter sandwiches or peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches I don't
remember exactly what it was but they
improved the process and got the idea
across that Wow you know there's a lot
of wasted time and some of the things
that we do and that if we can improve
those processes we can be in really good
shape so I definitely recommend that you
check that out dr. leslie mendoza temple
the medical podcast so again marijuana
is a huge huge topic across the country
and if that's something that you're
interested in that's episode 544
something that was really interesting to
me and i totally
would have taken advantage of this when
I if this was something that that I
would have done when I graduated but
there is a Spanish immersion internship
with CBS and yo hablo espanol but yo
hablo espanol America and also my my
Spanish is not that good but there are I
think 50 cities or more that you can be
a in this Spanish immersion internship
and you don't have to have Spanish as
your primary language you can have a
some kind of Spanish background Spanish
training I feel like it's just really
the desire to learn these things so our
guest Michelle nagas if that was
something that she'd wanted to do this
would have been really kind of cool to
be able to do it in the States but you
can see in the show notes there where
those are and talk to the recruiting
strategist as well about that and then
the last thing pharmacy transition
services if you know an owner of a
pharmacy Todd talks with Chad Sanders of
Cardinal famous pharmacy transition
services and and talks about how
important it is to be prepared for a
pharmacy business purchase sale or
transfer and what we're hearing over and
over again is that we want to preserve
the independence but to do that we need
to find people that are going to buy the
independence I want to do take on that
leadership rold want that
entrepreneurial Optra proneural
opportunity and this is something that's
really been coming down the line TLDR
pharmacy so going from the audio blog to
the written blog again she's he's this
is TLDR pharmacy so brandon dyson
january 17th was a mock residency
interview to help you prepare then how
to ace your residency interviews he's
got a great blog post on that and then
another one on winning the free
registration stipends for APHA 2018
Jackie Boyle at the pharmacy girl calm
she had a really great blog post January
29th about professional goals finding
mentors fostering passion
giving building network and building
confidence I really really got a lot
from it and her most of her blog posts
are very accessible quick to read so I
really love checking them out and then
she has a more recent one where she has
a guest blogger and he's not coming
there it is on February 3rd
where do you see yourself 10 years and
that's a really tough question when we
have no idea what's going to go on this
next year but I think it was a
phenomenal blog post and definitely
something that you should check out as
well okay
helix talk did drop a new episode they
do this every three weeks
helix talk and Joe munch / pharmacy Joe
are both usually in the top 200 of
science and medicine as far as the up
Apple podcast go so really we're seeing
that a couple of pharmacists are leading
the way there in terms of clinical
expertise and and a lot of people are
downloading those episodes just to say
okay well I want to hear from a
what it is that I need to do about X and
they talk about their their titles are
always awesome this one's don't go with
the flow how antibiotics cause diarrhea
and what you can do about it and I still
have to listen to the episode but I can
tell you already as soon as I go in and
I hear the word augmented immediately
I'm like yeah let's go with the doc C
cycle and I think that would be a better
choice so anyway that I just recommend
helix talk they tend to have some great
stuff as well so again I hope that you
do enter the contest I put the money up
because I do believe that networking is
going to be the most important skill
that you can have going into this spring
and doing it at the national level is
critical so have a great weekend and
please do feel free to get in touch with
me by Facebook messenger at Tony farm d1
or you can always find me on Twitter at
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