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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Leadership Interviews

Feb 10, 2018

Last couple of days to enter the APhA Free Registration Travel Stipend Contest:

Only one entry for a book review:

Only five entries for a podcast review!

Twelve entries for most Facebook likes:

Winners announced Wednesday!  

The Pharmacy News Sunday is a weekly tour of the pharmacy podcasts, blogs, and videos you should be paying attention to. 

Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice on building your professional
network brand and a purposeful second
income from students residents and
innovative professionals
welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
pharmacy news Sunday and we have a ton
to talk about
so first the contest on Facebook is has
been going great and it's been a lot of
fun I'll announce the winners on
Wednesday again there's three different
ways to win the first way is to get the
most Facebook Likes and I'll talk about
those very courageous pharmacy students
in a minute the second is to post and
tell me on iTunes which was your
favorite pharmacy pipe pharmacy leaders
podcast episode and then fourth third
third third it was to write a review on about memorizing
pharmacology a relaxed approach
so let's first go through the courageous
pharmacy students Carly Roberts at the
University of Louisiana Monroe School of
Pharmacy she's a p2 Bailey Rucker who is
representing South University School of
Pharmacy from Savannah campus she's p3
Casey Rathburn University of Houston
College of Pharmacy a pH ASP chapter
she's p2 Tania right west coast
university elena Darvey university
tennessee she is a p4 she's at the
Knoxville campus Anthony did Angeles the
third he is a p2 at URI University of
Rhode Island College of Pharmacy a zero
to six program Colin Anderson p3 at
Butler Winnie whoo p2 an Appalachian
Appalachian College of Pharmacy in
Oakwood Virginia it's literally in the
seen pictures it's amazing Catherine
Aloha Creighton University P one she's
distance student I believe and Maddie
Harvey P two at West Virginia University
School of Pharmacy and then one from
just a couple hours down the road
Amy Dunleavy University of Iowa College
of Pharmacy and she's going to be a p4
and then Christina / trellis p2 at
University of st. Joseph in Hartford
Connecticut so really appreciate you
guys putting yourself out there we'll
have the results on Wednesday but again
if any of you guys want to meet with me
while I'm at APHA I'd be happy to do an
interview with any of you guys and we'll
kind of talk it up what you want to talk
about what's especially important to you
for example are you working with the
opioid epidemic or are you part of pls
you know what is it that you're really
good at fundraising or there's the caps
lead team and just a bunch of different
things that these students have done if
you want to get yourself out there I'll
be happy to interview you just give me a
contact me by email or on facebook
messenger okay so let's see what's going
on in terms of the actual contest so we
have two that are in the lead Carly
Roberts from you LM College of Pharmacy
and then Anthony de angelis the third
also has a number of Facebook Likes but
I wouldn't count anybody out because
I've seen things happen in the last
couple days so we're just three days
away from the big reveal I guess on
Wednesday if you want to call it that
the second way the iTunes I think there
are about three or four entries I'm just
kind of amazed like they did so much
work for this Facebook thing and then
there's this opening with the iTunes and
then also there's only a single purse
who is doing the memorizing pharmacology
way of winning it so right now they
stand alone is the the only possible
winner which kind of just blows my mind
but it's it's kind of funny I think I've
told this story before where I went to a
sh P and there were literally thousands
of people going in trying to get the
attention of residency directors talking
to residents current residents and all
that stuff but then if you go to the
particular social gatherings after like
the Maryland reception I remember the
very first thing I went in was a pgy one
residency director and he was in charge
of six sites and then another residency
director for PG y2 so it's kind of funny
if you've got this backdoor way of
winning this prize but again you know
kudos to you guys for taking advantage
of that and of course I'll put those up
on Wednesday mornings episode so Tuesday
night I'll be looking at those for the
winner and then let's go over what's
going on in when I say pharmacy news
it's what podcast episodes what bloggers
are talking about in pharmacy and what's
going on so the mothership had a number
of different episodes last week senior
rx radio the state of senior care
pharmacy with Justin rash interviewing
Frank gaw so the CEO of ASCP
about the state of senior care pharmacy
I've always loved to hear dr. Adam
Martin the fit pharmacist and he was in
interviewing Brian MEC eldery I
hopefully I got that name right he's uh
he got his Bachelor of Science from
Morehouse and then dr. pharmacy from st.
Louis College of Pharmacy and that was a
really powerful message I always feel
inspired when I hear fit pharmacists
talking PGX for pharmacists so what's
concierge pharmacists if you're looking
for something that's maybe a
non-traditional role this is this
pharmacogenomics is a tremendous
opportunity and then I
there's no an online farm master's
program in pharmacogenomics at
Manchester University we hear from
McKesson about pharmacy software and how
that impacts patient care and HD Smith
again at the NCPA 2017 conference we
hear about choosing the right pharmacy
wholesale partner and that was really
kind of an interesting math that you
have to do as an owner in terms of
getting drugs at fair prices and being
able to sustain profitable business and
so that's the podcast for now then two
of the bloggers that I follow TLDR
pharmacy of course if you're going to be
interviewing for residency interview you
really want to check out his the mock
residency interview to help you prepare
blog post we did that interview where we
went over residency questions back and
forth and for 15 bucks I think it he has
that interview mastery guide the TLDR
guide to interview questions it really
is a step-by-step and phenomenal book
that that really can help you so that
you're not surprised by any of the
questions another interview helped a
little bit different coming from the
pharmacy girl is talking about what you
should be wearing in and how you should
dress for the interview and and some of
the things that you may not think about
in terms of making sure that you have
everything that you need to succeed in
that interview and then also on YouTube
a couple of videos Bryan Fung published
one I want to say was a month ago
January 6th around there where he did a
mock interview and it's pretty extensive
it's almost 40 minutes long and I
definitely would check that one out and
one of the guys I love to follow is who
honestly it's it's his voice he has the
British English Marvin Munsu he has tell
me about yourself great answers for
interviews I really like him as well and
to kind of round out that youtubers
Kevin yeehoo I've been following quite a
bit on the other side of things as many
of you are looking for jobs there are
some pharmacists out there that are
really struggling and and kind of
rethinking after you know X number of
years of practice if they want to
continue in the practice because I feel
like we're just in an economy that it
doesn't seem like we're going to stay
with the same company for 30 40 years
that after about six or seven years and
you know the seven-year itch from maybe
relationships and things like that but
this is in terms of well you know what's
a good amount of time to be with the
company and do things get stale is it do
you need to make a lateral move because
maybe where you're at is not the the
best place for you and you don't really
recognize how much your and I hate to
say the word putting up with because I
remember leaving a job as a pharmacy
manager and I had plenty of money in the
bank - you know sustain me for a while
but I only took I want to say a week or
two often and I did immediately start
kind of looking for jobs but that week
was really powerful in that I just had
all kinds of time no stress and this is
when I was single no kids and all that
stuff but it was in many ways kind of
nice to take a real break and I think it
gives you sometimes life helps you with
that break and that's what Kevin he
talks about but I've been following him
for years and he's just always kind of
told it like it is but he's got it been
going crazy with the videos recently and
if you want to kind of follow a number
of them I talked with him and talking
about pharmacy debt and just having a
career that you love and that's always
been something that I really care about
is making sure that I can I'm there to
help anyone that asked me what did you
do to kind of start your entrepreneurial
what did you do to find satisfaction
with your career and those types of
things he talks about pharmacy burnout
and what to do about it it's something
we don't talk about too much but he has
a 15-minute video about that he talks
about his recent unemployment and he had
something kind of tragic happen in his
life and and I had something like this
happen in my life during a residence a
year so really really not only empathize
with him but also know that sometimes
these things happen and we need to take
some time to really look at what we're
doing in life are we spending enough
time with the loved ones and things like
that is the career that you have
something that you're kind of putting up
with or is it something that's maybe
getting in the way a little bit and then
he then kinda goes into another one a
little bit about kind of a little bit of
regret in terms of choosing pharmacy as
a career and I'm not trying to be gone
about it but it's just so valuable when
somebody's able to say hey you know I
this is what I would have done
differently or this is how I would have
looked at things a little bit
differently in the future so it's so
powerful to be able to look at someone
else's success and avoid the pitfalls
that they avoided and then succeed in
other ways that they you know help you
out with so again I do hope in this last
couple of days some of you do take the
time to rate and review the iTunes
podcast it it really helps me understand
what it is that you guys need because I
don't really get to talk to the people
that listen and then the memorizing
pharmacology thing that's really
important to me if you can do a review
on audible if you have it
I know 10,000 people have bought it were
like ten thousand one hundred or ten
thousand two hundred I have downloaded
the audiobook so it would be really
helpful for me if you're you know
somebody that's going out to
Ashville if you could rate and review
that as well it really really means a
lot so I hope you guys have a great
weekend if you need anything
Tony pharmd one on Facebook is the
easiest way to get ahold of me also
you're welcome to use my d-mac email a a
gue r ra @ DM a CC edu but have a great
enjoy the olympics and we will hear on
Monday from neo med student with Jackie
Boyle from Northeast Ohio Medical
University College of Pharmacy so this
is really exciting because we have a
professor interviewing ap4 and on Friday
really cool we have the APHA student
member at large interviewing budet Verma
who has done a tremendous amount of
international travel has been recognized
through the college at the University of
Maryland not only the College of
Pharmacy but the entire College where he
was able to work with the college
president and then on Wednesday I think
I'm just gonna keep it to kind of a
congratulatory thing maybe some advice
for anyone that is going to APHA my own
journey I I know that my life really
changed when I went to that first
national conference because my
perspective really changed on things and
I just I really came out of my shell
after that in terms of pharmacy school
and really understanding what's going on
out there
so happy weekend enjoy the Olympics and
I will talk to you guys next weekend
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