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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Feb 17, 2018

The Pharmacy News Sunday is a weekly tour of the pharmacy podcasts, blogs, and videos you should be paying attention to. 

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Full Transcript:


Welcome to the Pharmacy Leaders Podcast with your host Tony Guerra. The Pharmacy Leaders Podcast is a member of the Pharmacy Podcast Network with interviews and advice on building your professional network, brand and a purposeful second income from students, residents and innovative professionals.

Welcome to the Pharmacy Leaders Podcast weekend edition. So what I'm going to do is go over again, the things that we need to know and kind of pharmacy news with podcasts with blogs and other places that I found things that I think are relevant to this week. Let's start with the Naplex. Last year they released it on February 15, 2017, the scores that all the pharmacy schools got and as a pre pharmacy advisor I really need to know what those scores are because students are making decisions between schools. We need to know is the school on the rise or is the school on the decline or are they staying about the same because two of the numbers that you really want to watch as you're looking towards a pharmacy school are how many students make it through and how many pass on the first time for the Naplex because there's unfortunately a clause in a number of pharmacy, pharmacists to be contract that says that you have to pass the Naplex with an X number of days basically saying you get one shot at it. And I am writing another Naplex book I expect it to be out by Spring Break and I know you guys don't know what Spring Break is because those of you in fourth year Appys just mosey on through there's no Spring Break for that. I think they give you a couple weeks in the fall and a couple in the spring about residency's, some schools but I was looking for those and just watch out for that I will have a new Naplex audio book for your commute to your Appys soon.

Let's see what do we have last week of the travel stipend contest winners we announced those and there were four of them, they are fantastic but this week I have another travel stipend contest with the rules in episode 45 where you can listen to Kevin Yee and hear a little bit about what the reality versus expectations are with the residency but also I'm putting up two more travel stipends to see if APHA, ASP groups can get together and put together X number of reviews for one of the books. And the challenge at first seems like it's oh, I've got to get 25 people to buy the book and that really isn't it. There's already 11,000 people with the book and there's only what 13-15,000 pharmacy students out there. There's probably ton of pharmacy students already that have it you just got to find them. My beef is that I've got 11,000 sales but only a hundred and sixty reviews and those reviews really matter for when audible says hey, let's do a two-for-one deal or something like that. So what I'm really trying to get to is trying to bridge the gap between 163 which is I think the number of reviews I have and eleven thousand one hundred and something or other which is the number of sales that I have.

Okay, brand new pharm, TLDR pharmacy is a fungal guide and I really recommend his guides before you start into your RX prep or your other kind of, or your Kaplan or whatever you're doing for your Naplex review because I think that, you know, after you've had a long day at your Appy and then you've kind of get home, the last thing you want to do is great, let me just sit at the computer and start clicking. And their guides are funny like his is there's a fungus among us, a beginner's guide to antifungals and it's a I think it's a guest post I think Molly Curran I hope I'm pronouncing that right Curran. She's got a ton of letters after her name Pharm DBCPSBCCCP. She's a clinical assistant professor in the department of health outcomes and pharmacy practice at the University of Texas college of pharmacy and she's a clinical pharmacy specialist in internal medicine at Dell Seton and she really did a fantastic job of going over antifungals, you may anfaterison, bad, you know, and that's it like that's your, you know, anfaterible that's the extent of your antifungal knowledge. So again a bunch of the content is free just go to and go to that fungal infection section. A couple of other ones that he has that I recommend but that before you go into your RX prep that you read his stuff because then it'll at least put you in a good mood because they're just funny and they're really relevant. So it's not just being clever, it's being clever and being really smart about things. His oncology review is amazing as well if you're looking for one of those kind of very well, how do I learn oncology, I didn't do it oncology APPE or Appy. And then the HIV guide is also really really pretty tremendous in terms of even just getting started like, what is HIV, all the way to some of the treatment. And if you want something a little more audio to kind of pair with those, so well let's pair the wine with the meal. Rx radio had a really good oncology pharmacy episode I think its episode 16 and gives you a bit of insight into what it's like to do oncology as a pharmacist and then cork consult had a recent episode on influenza and I really like those. Those tend to have a great, I don't know it's a good review of some clinical guidelines and things like that. I'm not a clinical pharmacist but I can appreciate the need for the audio because when do you have like extra time ever. Pharmacy Girl she has her last minute interview tips, if you didn't read that from last time those are really helpful and let's go through some of the other podcasts we'll start with the mothership, the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

So on Monday, kicked it off with understanding how pharmacy owners need to use data when we're talking about making a profit and so we're, when you have X amount of ROI and so return on investment and then you're going to find that oh wait a minute, that that didn't come out right I should have had X and I ended up with Y. So I think we thought, they talked with Tod Stice and Trenton Jenks, the cofounders of RX Matrix, so understanding pharmacy business data and becoming more profitable so if that's your niche. One of my favorite shows on the Pharmacy Podcast Network is farming your career and my father is Peruvian and I have a bit of an international understanding of things I guess you would say and I love that Aaron Albert brought in Fiona Sertoretta Viana who is from Italy and you'll hear it right away when you hear but she seems very nice and she actually does a great job explaining what it is to be a super, in a super niche. And she's an architect but she's an architect for pharmacies and you think oh how can you possibly make money just doing, you know, one kind of design or pharmacy design and if you're the best then you go, you know, and I think they've done over a thousand renovations in 28 countries. So don't think okay, well I just want to, you know, if I go into a niche then I'll lose all the customers no, no, no you get rich in a niche there's a reason why that's that way. And I think design is definitely something we don't talk about, it's something that I learned quite a bit about in my human-computer interaction course-work is I got my masters in human-computer interaction and really got an understanding of how design thinking, processes things like that really, really, really make things, I don't know it just it changes the way that you look at things. And then I love the title of her brothers book Lukas Sertoretta Viana is her brother and it's Pharmacies From Hell, how to bring about change. So new sales techniques taking control of the pharmacy while being recognized as a pharmacy expert, so that was pretty cool as well.

Okay, let's see so going kind of up the list here next we had and Matt's got a ton of vowels in his name as well. So, but Matt Paterini from Michigan is non-traditional pharmacist on the Pharmacy Podcast Network and he talks with a nuclear pharmacist. I talked about that on the Pharmacy Future Leaders with somebody who went nuclear then was in charge of pharmacy tech program and now he's over at one of the that Matt talks with pharmacist Tim Burke and really goes through all the things that you need to know about this kind of specialty niche job. So if you're looking for something a little bit different that's kind of cool as well. Todd Uri just took a couple minutes to go over the number of the Pharmacy Podcast Network just has a golden rolodex of companies, you know, McKesson, Cardinal, HD Smith, CVS health that are sponsoring many of the episodes and I would read them all but there are many, many podcasts that are part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The one thing I just wanted to bring your attention to is that he's sorted them on Sound cloud, so if the fit pharmacist is something you really like to follow, the non-traditional pharmacist obviously pharmacy leaders you can go to Sound Cloud and you can see just those podcasts sorted out. I do it a little bit differently at So, the way that I do it is I do it by topic since I'm, you know, one podcast within the network. So whether it's residency whether it's women leaders, those types of things you can find that on the right-hand side of the nav-bar. Moving on couple of other podcasts I follow. I don't think they've, that your YFP guys have released anything recently but I think there was a kind of working as a couple, was the last episode that they released and so much of our financial future depends on our spouses and I'm very lucky to have somebody who is certainly a bit more frugal than I am and very smart with money but I would, I really like following those guys, those guys have a lot of good advice, Tim Albrecht, Tim Baker.

Let's see, so talk to your pharmacist Hillary Blackburn. I didn't mention the episode about establishing her expertise but she released that in the beginning of February and then what's going on for next week with the Pharmacy Leaders Podcast. So for sure we're going to have an interview on Monday with a student, a fantastic student who's graduating from CHSU, California Health Sciences University and we talk often about the new schools and how are those students doing and she seemed like she was doing great. She graduated from USC, went up to CHSU and then has a number of residency interviews with in am care and community pharmacy and I think you'll really enjoy that episode.

This last week we did something that I've really wanted to do and I hope I can do again. There's always an open invitation if you are a pharmacy student, if you are a pharmacy professor and you want to interview another pharmacy student or a pharmacy professor. You are welcome to send me an mp3 20 to 25 minutes, follow the guidelines obviously that we used last week but that's all you need to do is just send me it. No, I'll be happy to publish it, my goal is to send and elevate the profession by elevating individuals who are doing great things within leadership.

On Monday we had the pharmacy professor and pharmacy student with Jacky Boyle and Lauren nice. On Wednesday we had pharmacist Kevin Yee with resident from, that kind of gave you an insight into what it's like to be in an actual, you know, residency and she went through, you know, those things that she wanted or not wanted but expected and then some of the things that were a little bit of a surprise but that was a really phenomenal episode as well. And then the other episode was Mudit Verma being interviewed by Marion and I don't want to pronounce her last name it's Gharbi. I know that it's not pronounced like I want to pronounce it. Who is the APHA ASP national member at large but she is, did a great job interviewing Mudit. So whether its student to student professor to professor, professor to student, student to professor, resident to student, student to resident, residency director, whatever it is get in touch with me and I'll mentor you through it and let's get podcast episode out to highlight whatever it is that you feel is important whether it's your residency site, whether it's your College of Pharmacy or whether it's just something cool that you did that other pharmacy students would like to know about.

Let's see, yeah, so last things I wanted to go over Pharmacy Expo's going on now. The Iowa Pharmacy Association gets together with a number of the Midwest pharmacy associations; Missouri, Nebraska North Dakota, Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin and South Dakota Pharmacists Association and they are down at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center down on floor in Des Moines. So if you haven't joined them I definitely recommend that you do. That really is a, I couldn't do it because I had some things going on this weekend but really nice to connect with not just Iowans but to connect with eight different boards of pharmacy there.

Okay well, that's it for the weekend episode. Look forward to our first next episode on Monday and then I hope that new APHA ASP students do take me up on the offer too for that last travel stipend. That was the one I really wanted to see if the groups could come together and kind of go on that scavenger hunt, find those students that have already got Memorizing Pharmacology. Alright, have a good weekend.

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