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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Mar 10, 2018

Sunday episodes with the blogs, podcasts and YouTubers you should be watching and listening to. This week we highlight Matt Marinchick a country music singer who will be our tour guide for Nashville on Monday and Wednesday's episodes. Here are his performing dates and times during APhA 2018. 

Thursday 3/15/18 Famous Saloon, 110 2nd Ave N, 11 AM to 2 PM

Friday 3/16/18 Westin Hotel, 807 Clark Place, 5 to 9 PM

Sunday 3/18/18 Margaritaville, 322 Broadway, 330 to 7 PM

Monday 3/19/18 Cafe Fontanella,  4125 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN, 6 to 8 PM

Tuesday 3/20/18, The Stage on Broadway, 412 Broadway, 11 to 2 PM

Tuesday 3/20/18, Puckett's Boathouse, 94 E Main St
Franklin, TN 37064, 7 to 8:30 PM

 Full Transcript:

Welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice on building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals alright and welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast Sunday episode as usual I'm recording it on actually it's Friday and I wanted to get this done because we're gonna do a little bit of traveling I'm sorry for all of you that don't enjoy Spring Break anymore but I do I take a little bit of a hit on the income but I'm very excited to have a week off and spend some time with my family what's coming up in the next week so obviously a8 PHA is not this weekend but next weekend so I will be in Nashville so look out for me and it'll be the only guy with Iowa State anything on but I'm really excited what's going on with my podcast this week I got to interview Matt Marin chick and he is a country music singer in Nashville and he's been there about six years and he plays about 35 different venues and we did two episodes the first episode I talk about his entrepreneurial journey what's it like he was a d1 player for Ohio State he 610 and played for Ohio State University and then I went over to Germany played for six years and then didn't renew his contract came to Nashville and tried his hand as a country music singer and has been successful after the last six years so he's got three albums well whatever you call them now on on iTunes but Matt Maron chick which he released in 2011 just before he made it out there to Nashville then big Vig which he released back in the June of 2016 and then bigger which you released Christmas last year he's a really nice guy and I think you get a lot out of it and then on Wednesday I talked with him about where we should go in Nashville now I've been there one time before Indiana for eighth anniversary so I know it okay Broadway's only about five city blocks and they're not terribly big we got about 45 bars within them but he's a guy I think you should look out for he's a great singer and just a nice guy and we'll talk about some of the places to go some of the better places to go in town and then if you want to head a little ways out maybe ten minutes away you can also take a trip that way so that's gonna be Monday and Wednesday of next week on the pharmacy leaders podcast and then Friday I've got a couple that I might use I've got a number of them in the can so we'll see the mothership a lot of businesses this week so Heffernan insurance on Monday talking about insurance for independent business owners HD Smith back about the pharmacy buying group senior rx radio talking about transitions of care and then this one was one that really spoke to me from back when I started a retail Spanish immersion internship this is part two in the series and I when I went to Phoenix after I graduated I went to predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and I get to speak Spanish as much as English and I really enjoyed doing that then I went back to a tempie for a while and then back home to Baltimore Washington and then some patient-focused strategy with heritage biologic so five good episodes on the pharmacy podcast network TLDR pharmacy again he puts out a lot of quality so putting anything out anything more than two weeks is unusual for him but I still recommend that how to study for the Knapp Lex and pass on your first try if you haven't already looked at it and I definitely checked that out Jackie Boyle the pharmacy girl calm she put together a quick blog about working moms and you know that question am i a good mom and I know that there have been times where our kids have been like you know where where's mom for this or that she works the nine to five and a lot of those kind of kids things in homeroom mom things happen around 2:30 or one o'clock in the afternoon and that's just a really tough thing but one single thing that I found that really worked well is that I took over lunches and you might not think that's a big deal but now that she doesn't have to worry about the lunches instead of getting them to say hey what do you want for lunch and all this stuff she gets to hang out with them in the morning and she does their hair and things like that and I think she has a little bit better relationship with him and then I guess the second thing we did was I try to take the girls 2 days at night after work and then five days in the morning so if I can you know take care of those then hopefully she'll have a little bit more time but again I'll always be proud of the five percent that I do for our family than the 95 percent that she does moving on to pharmacy Joe dot com he's got this great and I'm not clinical but if you want to get it I think he has this spectrum of activity with a free visual critical care antibiotic guide on his pharmacy Joe dot com website he's a really good guy out interviewed him on a previous episode and he's one of the guys that has a top 200 podcast in medicine I can't tell you how many hundreds of thousands of podcasts there are and for you know Pharmacy Joe calm and Helix talk both of them are on that top 200 list why am I not on the list I actually get 90% of my listens from my website so rather than my listens coming from iTunes which I guess is an opportunity for me most of them come from me saying hey you know I did another podcast episode then people come check it out but yeah we're doing around 15 20,000 downloads a month and I think you have to do about 500 downloads a month on iTunes to get on that list oh no a 500 downloads a day and that's about what we're at we're about 15,000 a little bit more than that last month was just crazy I was 25,000 but our x-ray do so dr. Richard wait excited to hear him back I always like hearing him because he talks about Alexa and technologies and Bitcoin and a lot of the things you'll never hear in pharmacy school and I'm not condemning pharmacy school they're gonna teach you the clinical stuff and all this but it was it was kind of neat hearing this presentation he was making he does a lot of in-person presentations and he records them and his slides are always on Instagram so I think that's kind of cool that he engages the students in that way and then there's always kind of the surprised at how few pharmacy students are locked into social you would think that that would be a part of somebody who's a twenty-something but a lot of times I find that that's really not the case he went talked about with somebody about being an industry pharmacist and then he also talked about why it's an exciting time for pharmacy and he continues to talk about how we're going to be independent contractors maybe much like I know we could use the nurse and physician but I think it's more like a chiropractor can have their own office it'll be kind of cool when pharmacists have their own office as we're trying to help these underserved areas certainly Iowa is one of those your financial pharmacists they brought back Alex Barker I know he's a mentor I think a coach I'm not sure exactly what their relationship is but I didn't realize he had gone to the U P which is the Upper Peninsula in Michigan as where he went to work for his job and there was some kind of incentive as far as maybe paying off loans and things like that because he has no house debt I don't think and I think they're debt-free completely debt-free and it's just kind of funny that because that's for every person that does that maybe as you're looking towards graduation and thinking alright well here's this job and it's going to make me financially free in you know four or five years and I think he's out four and a half years he grounds up to five and you know are you willing to go to X area and then once you go to X area are you gonna stay are you gonna go and I never never went down that path I did the exact opposite I went to Phoenix as a destination I was in my mid-20s and I was like alright well it's an hour flight to Vegas to LA to San Diego go to Mexico it just I just had a completely different mindset you know getting out of school back then he's got a lot of maturity for doing that as his age oh he's probably he's probably a little older now but that was just kind of interesting to me and then I ended up Baltimore DC and then married in Iowa and then ended up in central Iowa which I love I absolutely love central Iowa I just have such a great relationship with my family and you know getting the best neighborhoods for the schools and all that stuff for not a lot you know quarter of a million three hundred for a house and that'll get you in a really great place so going on from there just something that's kind of struck me Tim Ohlbrecht changed to Tim you and immediately I thought oh it's Tim University as in the three Tim's are teaching about finances but I think it was just Tim Albrecht somehow shortening his name or something like that but if you guys are listening I recommend you do create a Tim you it you know the try Tim's have come together you got guys provide great content it's clearly getting resources so I think that that would be awesome and maybe that that's what it is I don't know but I didn't hear that on the podcast or maybe  I missed what the Tim you was about Hillary Blackburn so we are going into her backyard in Nashville and she interviews a pharmacist from Vanderbilt talking about work-life balance and I am just kind of on the side of there is no work-life balance in pharmacy there are some jobs that are fundamentally incompatible with being able to be a good parent and that's just my thought you know if you're gone 26 weekend's of the year that's going to be a lot of things that you've missed and I just don't think that it's possible to be present as much as you would like and the thing is is that if you're working that you won't notice it every once in a while you'll get kind of hit with a that guilt that Jackie Boyle was talking about in her blog post but you won't notice because you're not going to be there to hear them say gosh you know why isn't such-and-such here and then it's you know it's just how pharmacy has been for a long time so kind of going back to dr. Richard way that I'd be excited to see pharmacists in more nine-to-five roles or roles where the family can come first there's a lot more autonomy with the schedule rather than you know are nine to nine or eight to eight or work in the overnights whatever it is that we've had to do I don't think that there's necessarily that much of a need for the 24-hour pharmacy anymore and I think that actually with what's going on with IT and with what's going on with AI I'm confident that soon it'll just wake up a pharmacist in the middle of the night they'll come on a TV screen they'll say okay well here's what your physician gave to you they'll come to the 24-hour pharmacy they'll pick up their medicine but the pharmacist will be at home maybe in bed or maybe just getting out of bed into their you know booth or whatever it is but hopefully that's the case because I think we went from a profession and the independent still have this to some extent but we went and from a profession that really valued the family to let's be open 24 hours a day seven days a week and now since we have the technology that the person doesn't have to be there physically there's things that we can do to provide those immediate medicines that someone might need and now hopefully that'll be the case but again talk to your pharmacist podcast I always recommend it Hilary Blackburn is a sensational podcaster definitely need more women in podcasting as well Kevin Yee I think he made it back to LA he was back east for a long time and he his episode that might be most I don't say effective but most useful to the audience is gonna be that how to save money fast as a student that got quite a few views and I don't mean to put Brian Fung last it just happens to be where I had it in the tab but he did a lemons for leukemia challenge and I'm kind of disappointed this didn't get more views than it did I think that you should check it out it's his vlog number 31 lemons for leukemia challenge and I'm travelling so I don't have time to do this he tagged me on it and it's raising awareness for this condition and you have to bite into a lemon which I actually like lemon so I'm not going to make the same face that he did but I you want to see this it's a it's a an expressive face we'll just leave it at that anyway so I'm excited for this week although it is spring break I will be recording a ton of episodes at APHA I've got five or six students lined up p2 I think through p4 and I'll be talking to them about their lives and how APHA is going to impact them and then if I run across you and you want to talk we can just talk or we can do a podcast episode I'll be the only person there I guarantee with Iowa State University anything on there's no College of Pharmacy at Iowa State so that makes it kind of easy but I look forward to meeting you guys in Nashville I think that's gonna be a lot of fun and look for Matt Maron check on Monday I think you're gonna really enjoy that episode have a great weekend support for this episode comes from the audiobook memorizing pharmacology a relaxed approach with over 9,000 sales in the United States United Kingdom and Australia it's the go-to resource to ease the pharmacology challenge available on audible iTunes and in print ebook and audiobook thank you for listening to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Geller be sure to share the show with a hashtag hash pharmacy leaders