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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Mar 14, 2018

We highlight Matt Marinchick a country music singer who will be our tour guide for Nashville on Monday and Wednesday's episodes. Here are his performing dates and times during APhA 2018. 

Thursday 3/15/18 Famous Saloon, 110 2nd Ave N, 11 AM to 2 PM

Friday 3/16/18 Westin Hotel, 807 Clark Place, 5 to 9 PM

Sunday 3/18/18 Margaritaville, 322 Broadway, 330 to 7 PM

Monday 3/19/18 Cafe Fontanella,  4125 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN, 6 to 8 PM

Tuesday 3/20/18, The Stage on Broadway, 412 Broadway, 11 to 2 PM

Tuesday 3/20/18, Puckett's Boathouse, 94 E Main St
Franklin, TN 37064, 7 to 8:30 PM

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 Full Transcript:

Welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice from building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals alright welcome back to the pharmacy leaders podcast this is part two with country music singer Matt Marin chick who lives in Nashville and he was nice enough to have an interview with me before all of us pharmacists come down to Nashville starting probably this Thursday coming up so what I wanted him to do was take is kind of on a tour so that you know better as you get to Nashville and know like okay well I've got free time this day in this day what places should I visit so Matt welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast thank you so much so let's start with the difference between the kind of performances you give so sometimes you're called on by a group or a place and that's invitation-only we'll call it and then there's other times where you are downtown on Broadway you know kind of live in the dream so can you tell me a little bit about the difference between the shows um yeah there's all different types there's actually a third type so I I do the regular Broadway gig where you have a kind of a weekly routine show that you do at a certain bar there's also private shows which they call a lot of people call them house concert where you go to someone's house they invite people over these people either pay an admission or they buy your CD as like kind of like a guarantee that you'll make some money doing this and you do that or you have I do a lot of private shows which are considered corporate gigs where there'll be a company that might have an event or they might have just a party in general and I'll get asked to come in and set up my stuff and play for you know however many two three four or more hours usually four is where I like to draw the line but yeah this upcoming week be playing a couple of those so that's that's pretty much the three different types of shows unless you're you know on tour playing stadiums and reach sure sure well tell me a little bit about first before we get into the week so we're gonna have a ton of pharmaceutical corporations that are paying up to probably forty-eight thousand dollars just for the space that they're going to have on the floor at the Convention Center how does someone get in touch with you if they're a corporation and they hear you and then later for one of their corporate events they want to bring you down um generally the way it's worked for me is people either contact me through email or my phone number or they get my business card or they go onto my website and send me a message or face book I've got them I just I'm playing a gig next week that I got a message on Instagram so it's just getting in touch with me and you know figuring out the details if it's an opportunity that I'm available for or that actually I can I can do and then hashing out the details and then that's the night that's pretty much all it happens okay and then I come and play after that all right sounds good so let's start with this Thursday coming up which is let me give a date because it's going to be I'm gonna go backwards from St. Patrick's Day so 17 16 15 15 that's right so tell me a little bit about the famous saloon you're gonna be playing there from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that is a newer bar downtown it's actually on the corner of Broadway 2nd Avenue and it's a it used to be another bar and before that it was another bar before that um we ended up I ended up getting this gig because the booking person there was someone that I knew that played downtown they ended up changing their careers into more of a booking agency kind of thing and asked me if I could play there I did I loved the sound there it's a really cool looking bar it's kind of like just kind of a cool older feel but it's big and they have some really cool artwork it's just a good I'm inside there so I started playing there and I really liked it and I've been playing there for about a little over a year now and I've really enjoyed my time and the people there okay so that one's down on Broadway and second a second yeah yes so let's maybe before we even start talking about that so somebody comes into town can you walk us down Broadway because it's not terribly long no it's not I would I actually I was running you know I when I was there in the mornings I would run down Broadway run up to Vanderbilt University come back down and I'm doing the half marathon on Saturday so tell me a little bit about Broadway and kind of orient us because we would come down I think from Sheridan down the down the street to the top with the legends bar as the anchor and yeah ran it would go left from there so a little bit about Broadway and kind of where somebody should start besides coming to see you of course yeah after you've seen me at all my shows from about first Avenue to Fifth Avenue five blocks and they're not big New York City blocks they're shorter blocks there is bars and restaurants on both sides of Broadway and really it starts at legends like you said on Fifth Avenue in it there's a bar every store there's probably I always guess there's probably 40 or more bars I think there's got to be more than that but I always say 40 but there's a bar next to each bar in those bars there's four floors and those bars are in there and so there's a lot of different places to go in each floor and each bar has to live music and then when you get to the end of Broadway actually right next to the end there is a road called 2nd Avenue and 2nd Avenue has another row of bars and restaurants and which have multiple floors and rooftop Bars and all that kind of stuff so if people always say well where should I go you know a lot of people like to go to Tootsie's because they've heard Tootsie's so many times but there's so many great bars and I wouldn't tell anybody not to go anywhere I tell everyone to go every single bar they can go to so much time they have and then and then after that fuck you know take note of the ones you like and go back to those and or if you like certain style or feel or drink that they have or a band that plays there a certain often go back to those bars support the things you like like don't goes waste your time at a place where you don't feel like you know do you'd like the stuff going on and then end up you know just leaving not feeling like you had a great time so that's the best way to do it there's more and more bars coming up there's probably about four more bars coming in the next few months so it's just the constantly growing industry and in both the entertainment in the bar slash restaurant world which is really exciting okay so famous saloon is going to be on Thursday that's on 2nd Avenue and Broadway 11:00 to do now Friday you're at the Westin Hotel from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. how do you get a gig with a big corporation like that like that's the West that's yeah worldwide you know it's kind of cool I was playing downtown actually and the guy that thought was sitting in the crowd said I do the booking for a new hotel coming into town and I would love it if you would come and play so I started doing that and it's a it's a really nice really nice bar with really great food and it's more of a laid-back they want more of a laid-back feel so for me I love that because I get to play a ton of songs that I really really like to play and I grew up playing a lot of songs my dad you know listen to and taught me and had me listen to James Taylor Jim Croce Dan Fogelberg Cass Stephens Gordon Lightfoot like a lot of Jim Billy Joel Elton John like just kind of like singer songwriters of the 70s kind of feel so it's a cool place for me to be able to do that and yeah that became a regular thing and then they also have me with my band playing on the rooftop sometimes but that won't be this week they're renovating the rooftop it's a really awesome view of the whole city and your into a nice crowd so it's got a lot of its it's two different fields one the upstairs is more a little more rocking the downstairs where I'll be in their main bar is gonna be very laid-back and chill so yeah you talked about that and I remember going in where there were some bars where I was like oh my gosh I'm 21 and I just got my license and I'm you know person to person and it's just like sweaty just crazy mess and then there's other bars where I could sit down the whole time and you know I just really enjoyed it so it sounds like that's that's more of that feel where I get to you know kind of sit down hang out right on a dinner maybe have some something to drink yeah okay and then Saturday it's it's probably good you're not on Broadway I can't imagine that craziness you've got 40 bars Nashville March Madness and I've done it before and it was a mess I was really happy that some yesterday play a van out of town no offense to everyone going down there and working through that but it once you've done it it's something you just want to say you've done before okay it's kind of like Vegas where there's you know there's a tourist go down the strip and then there's the locals they that have their Midtown and just like Nashville has its Midtown all right well Sunday you're at Margaritaville from 3:30 to 7:00 let me tell you a little story first so my wife and I went for our eighth wedding anniversary we were shared in we would turn left at Legends and then we would come to margarita which is on is it on 3rd or is it on 4th it's on 4th and ok so it's on 4th and brought in and this is just something that I'm so impressed that you're on Broadway like there is not a bad singer there like so I'd like to get on Broadway is one thing but that you're getting so many gigs you know you're tremendous talent because everybody's so good there but Margaritaville its kind of open and you're down the corner a little bit and it's obviously Margaritaville is pretty chill but tell me a little bit about how you got that gig because that's one of those ones where people will hear you from the street like oh that guy's really because you're right next to the door and then they'll come in and that's how we came and we heard you first and then we can go well thank you very much first off but yeah it's that place a lot of people like to play that because it's a good crowd there's always a good crowd because all the windows are open and you're right there next to everybody walking by and it brings a lot of people in and I actually got that gig because a buddy of mine who had moved down here at the same time we sat down on the computer and started researching where we could play we had already been downtown looking at all the bars and we looked up Margaritaville we sent them a list as a duo we that we could play as a duo and they said well there's a six-month waiting list for people that want to come and play here we're like okay so we just kind of let it slide and you know we were playing it we played some other stuff and then it kind of went our separate ways and I was still playing gigs and got contacted to start doing this duo on a Monday yeah yeah so that's how started then it moved to Saturdays and Sundays and then we ended up splitting him he was doing Saturdays and I was doing Sundays and he went a different route and I kept the Sundays because I enjoyed it so much being down there and in that kind of feel I don't know that much Jimmy Buffett but you know coz if everyone's like oh if you play Jimmy Buffett's you have to know every Jimmy above the song I said well this is just one of the 35 gigs I do this isn't like my main priority so I have some cool kind of beachy kind of Island songs but I'm not a Jimmy Buffett expert so if anyone asks I can play a few and that's it well I just asked you to play the dog song every time I see you but no I just uh it just seemed to fit with your personality - you just seem like a I mean for such a big guy does it mean when you put boots and hat on you're like 72 74 yeah and so you're just a chill guy hanging out on the side and then you like stand up you're like gracious all right so but Margaritaville 3:30 to 7:00 I'll probably definitely be down there for that Sunday to come visit with you but tell me a little bit about on Monday you there's a number of people that are gonna be staying until Tuesday the conference doesn't end till then I think but tell me a little bit about cafe Fontanella and then mandro mansion I'm gonna date myself as being 45 years old I saw the Mandrell sisters when they were on TV you know a thing for us too to watch that stuff so tell me a little bit about cafe Fontanella and that gig okay so that is a it's outside of downtown if you want to get away from that well you know it's not too far I would say 10 maybe 15 minutes north of downtown there is a mansion owned by it was owned by Barbara Mandrell now the family and it's on this beautiful set of land this area has a winery a distillery an Italian restaurant some shops if you want they have places to stay if you ever come back it's like a kind of bed-and-breakfast kind of feel and then there's walking trails and ziplining and all this kind of things you can do there but this Italian restaurant is cafe Fontanella it has a bar in a restaurant it's a really nice food it's one of my favorite places to play because they give me a free meal I've ever had so I do that it's only a two-hour show and it's a lot more like one of those easy listening gigs with some more originals and that one so you're a lot more original music and you know I like that I like that place ok that's 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday night and then for those people that are still around on Tuesday you said you got 2 gigs so the stage from 11:00 to 2:00 you talked a little bit about that yeah the stage is one of like the I guess you could call one of the main bars downtown where people like to go as tourists it's a big bar and they have multiple floors I'll be on the rooftop that day so hopefully it's really nice out doing the rooftop again okay last week and it was slammed which was nice and had a really good time playing up there with a band that'll be the one time this week that I'll be with my band and we do that on the rooftop and it's it and it's not just like out there where you just get rained on it's eighty percent of the bar is under inside and then they have a rooftop patio where you can stand outside and listen to music if you wanted to as well okay and then you were someplace else at 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. yeah I do a lot of work with a restaurant chain in town called pucketts okay and they have a seafood restaurant in Franklin Tennessee which is about 20 minutes south of downtown which is literally probably the best seafood in my opinion in Nashville it's brought in daily from the Gulf everything's very fresh oyster bar like yeah it's really good seafood and III do a thing there every Tuesday for the last few years where I come in for an hour and a half and and entertain the crowd with some older stuff a lot of older stuff older country older singer-songwriter songs and and then a lot of originals and it's a it's probably one of the best restaurants that I play at and they seem to like me there because they keep having me back so it's been fun playing there awesome okay the last thing I want to talk about are your three albums I picked up your first album when I went into Nashville and then there was big and bigger so can you tell us a little bit about each of the albums and kind of how you your progression through them yeah the first the first album which was just called Matt Maron check came out literally as I was coming to Nashville so it was my you know I guess I don't want to say my take on everything but it was just a collection of songs I had written over years of writing and decided to release of stuff that was going on in my life and ideas that I had had I've written that album and it was a good way to get into a lot of doors having it was a tool that was able to get me opportunities to write with other people to get some opportunities to play at different venues having that was really great for me and after being downtown down in Nashville for a couple years I ended up getting signed to a record label and we recorded a lot of songs and after doing that I was able to put out my first EP which was called big and I really loved it it was great the musicians are great just like every you know everybody knows our albums has great musicians because there's so many great musicians down here but um that was my first album and I still had songs that I had recorded that had not released yet and I was like kind of really excited to get that going but um different path you know so I ended up leaving the label just because I wanted to go a different route so I did that and I had these songs that I had bought the rights back to and finally just now I'm getting the chance to thérèse release all that so that's my third album which is called bigger which I'm really excited about they were recorded by the same group of musicians and everything but I had originally set this up to be this third album was going to be my favorite album like kind of hoping that people would feel better about the latest thing like you will continue on come out something better and better and better and I had separated the tooth the songs that I had recorded while with the label is like okay they're gonna like this but then when this new one comes out that was my idea so this job um is about maybe a month and a half or two out on this on the you know circuit of playing that I've been selling it so I've enjoyed letting people hear some of the original songs acoustically and then taking it home and hearing the full band versions and everything so cool alright well Matt marriage-like thanks for 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