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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Mar 18, 2018

An APhA 2018 live interview with Anthony DeAngelis III from the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy we talk about experiencing a first national meeting, about encouraging others to join APhA and hopefully make it out to Seattle in 2019. 


Full Transcript:

Welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice on building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast we are live here in Nashville at APHA 2018 and I’m here with Anthony DeAngelis the third who has a tremendous following up in they call it a small state but it's got a big reach and they're doing some great things up there so I wanted to talk to him about what's going on with his chapter and then what's going on at URI so welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast thank you so much Dr. Guerra for having me on your podcast this is a really great opportunity and I feel very very humbled this is my first APHA annual conference and I certainly have had a blast so far and it's been really enjoyable so thank you so much for selecting me as a winner for your contest cool well let's start off with so a number of people are wondering whether they should go to Seattle next year or will you know that are you know behind you tell me a little bit from you know landing to where we are now what you did so take your time start with what you did first when you first got here and then kind of take me through the days that you've had at your first APhA National meeting alright so um I was actually supposed to come here on Tuesday because this is actually during the URI spring break right now which was really awesome at the conference like fell during spring break we had a huge winter storm up north so I didn't get until Wednesday but that's okay still here so Wednesday I kind of explored the city a little bit Thursday that's doing the same I went and visited some Nashville sites such as the Parthenon went around on Broadway into different things on Thursday to enjoy the day and then we had Friday which was the first day of the conference so I went to a couple of sessions on the past couple of days one of them was an APHA interest session for students about community-based pharmacy residency's and fellowships which I know I do want to work in community so I wanted to go to that one specifically to see what it was about because I wanted to find out more information about that I've also been at the APHA student house delegates listening to the resolutions I also attended a session for first-time annual students if it was their first annual and what to do when I got to network there and then one of the other things I did was I actually participated in APHA annuals leadership training series which I you can do at the mid-year regional meetings the MRM meetings I've already done too so this is my third one so I actually get to get a certificate now for that so it was pretty awesome got to listen to a speaker from Walmart for that okay well let's kind of break some of these down tell me especially about the leadership training so you go in tell me what they talked about within the session and then what value somebody would get coming to a future APhA meeting in the session yes so at the leadership training session the speaker from Walmart talked about how our health care system is kind of moving away from a transactional fee based model over to a quality measure model like based upon patient outcomes and it's really focusing more on the patient in the future there's a new model for health care that of pharmacists are leaning towards in the health care system is leaning towards called the Triple Aim so he talked about that stressed the importance of that and people got to ask questions as well I do feel that students can really get value out of this I certainly feel like I've learned a lot during that meeting okay so you come here but let's back up maybe a little bit and talk about what it is that made you come here in the first place and a little bit about networking because you're connected that you had so many people you know liking your Facebook page but tell me a little bit about what it is to network for you it sounds like when somebody asked for help you volunteer for a number of things so let's start with before you came to APA and we'll talk a little bit about networking at APHA so maybe a little advice about networking okay yeah so what got me here so I've been in APhA ASP at my school actually straight out of high school since I was a freshman something that's really really cool about my program being a 0-6 program is we can get pre professional pharmacy students involved I've been telling people here at annual from other schools that and they're kind of like shocked there they're like oh wow that's like really amazing like that's so cool so um that's honestly what's led me to this point it's been a dream of mine to always go to annual since I was in my pre professional years and I'm so excited to actually get the opportunity to be here now but as I've gone to annual I've went to some MRMs like at the beginning networking was a little scary for me I've always been an extroverted person but it was that concept of going up to like a completely new person that kind of scared me at first because looks like I'm really an extrovert around my friends and like things like that but uh it was very intimidating at first at my first MRM after being to a few regional conferences and now being at annual I do feel that you get very comfortable at networking and way more comfortable and networking just a simple question is hey is this your first time at a regional meeting or hey is this your first annual can really start up a conversation and you'd be surprised actually one of the first people that I met annual ended up being from the University of Arkansas Medical Center and I started talking to him about how we Skyped one of the deans at his school a couple weeks ago on one of my classes so you know it's just like pharmacies a very small world and you come to realize that yeah absolutely well tell me a little bit about some of the policies that you're seeing and things like that and my understand when to a couple of the meetings where you kind of get to hear what's going on within APHA I've been kind of out and about with everybody so I haven't been able to go into the sessions what are some of the things that APHA is focusing on now so there were three resolutions that to the APHA student house of delegates that ended up at the first session yesterday they were passed so meaning they'll go to the actual APHA House one of the big ones was on actually expanding services for the lgbtq+ community something that everybody felt that in pharmacy school you don't really get like a lot of hands-on experience on how to deal with that patient population per se and like certain pharmaco- therapeutic recommendations and how to help them out so it was just more awareness and education for their population and then what affects them in pharmacies so that was one of the resolutions there was also another one which I found very confusing at first until I read some background on it about APHA wanting to encourage any legislation that would oppose DIR fees retroactive DIR fees in the community pharmacy and I really didn't know like what that was I was like it's not like Quebec fee so I did some looked at the background and did stuff like that and basically it's saying that if a patient comes to the pharmacy and what gets his prescription the far the PBM could come six months or up to a year later and charge the pharmacy more money which ends up resulting in like a loss of profit instead of a profit I mean so I found that like very very interesting so that actually was passed as well but there was a lot of debate about that one yeah I actually met with a friend of mine who works for a PBM so it's kind of seeing the other side and my understanding is that these outcomes that you're talking about bringing pharmacists in the better of pharmacy does that outcomes those DIR fees get cleared and you don't even see it and they actually profit and then pharmacies that don't do well so when you tie them down comes I think there's some value in it but again I wasn't in there I don't know and I certainly don't want to say go DIR fees and certainly think that will take us a little bit to the other people that came here who do you want to you know talk about in your group that came here and then what are their responsibilities so from my chapter I think we had about ten people come to annual this year um one of my good friends um Rebecca Corvée she is actually a region one regional delegate so she has played a big role since she was elected at MRM in the region she's at end to January business meeting and was a big role in that APhA House has student delegates one of my other good friends from my school Patrick Condon actually was a region won a APHA member at large for last year 2016 to 2017 so they've played some big they played some big roles in our chapter yeah yeah so you've got quite a mentorship group in your at URI so tell me a little bit about your experience at the college itself and and how that how URI prepares you to be a leader and gives you these opportunities yes so um you know I really have enjoyed my time at the University of Rhode Island so far I've known I knew in high school that I honestly wanted to go there my cousin had actually graduated from the PharmD


program there but yeah it's been a great experience I have no regrets about it my time seems like it's flying very fast I feel like yesterday I was in my pre-pharmacy years I'm almost finishing up p2 year going onto my last year of classes as a p3 it's been such a humbling experience though we have such wonderful faculty at the school that you just develop such close relationships with it really is amazing you could seek them out for advice on anything and just constantly our school just like advocates for getting involved and that's really how they really foster how you can really become a leader in that way I'm just always encouraging to go to things and becoming involved in different organizations but yeah I am I do love my school so much well let's talk a little bit about maybe your future so you're gonna be going into your third year right and then AP Pease after that yes that's correct okay so let's talk a little bit about maybe some of the experiences that you would be looking for in your fourth year as you kind of finish up the third year as you come to APhA what maybe are one or two rotations that you're thinking gosh that would be kind of a cool thing to go to yeah um that's an interesting question I haven't given it to I've given it a little thought um but right now I actually am a pharmacy intern at CVS health I do find that I like community pharmacy and so with rotations I want to see what I can do with that and if maybe I can do like a different community setting per se actually did one of my IPPEs at stop and shop pharmacy and looked and see what a grocery store community pharmacy was like so maybe it'd be really cool to do an independent pharmacy for my community happy to get another perspective of the community pharmacy um I actually also just had infectious disease in school learning the foundations of the disease states and of the different disease states and the therapeutics and actually found that I was really good at it and I really enjoyed it and one of my faculty members actually has a rotation for infectious disease at the VA so that was something that I was thinking of looking into as well seeing if I could get that in my lottery for rotations but they I've talked to a lot of people and they've really said that rotation can honestly change your mind completely about what you want to do in pharmacy you saw so you know maybe that'll happen to me maybe not um I'm just gonna try and challenge myself and see what's out there so yeah I've heard that you know you want to do rotations as half exploratory and a half this is what I think I want to do and you know the lottery obviously gives you some sometimes it doesn't exactly work out but sometimes it works out to be exactly what you want so I've asked you a ton of questions is there anything that I haven't asked you that first you want to talk about and then maybe any shoutouts to your the names of your other people that are here that you want to talk about all right so I would just like to give a shout out to one of my professors of Dr. Kelly or for actually posting about your consciousness and actually showing me about it in the first place so I'd love to get her a shout out she she has been a great mentor to me especially she had started out in community pharmacy before becoming a professor so I've seeked out her advice a lot actually just last week I went into her office just kind of like having a little crisis about the future but asking for advice and yes I'd like to give her a shout out and yeah nothing you want to say before we sign off anything that anything you're looking forward to with the last day here the meeting you know it's going by so fast and I'm getting so sad that it's coming to a close that I have to go back home possibly to more snow unfortunately you know it's been beautiful down here I'm just like oh my goodness I don't want to go yeah you know APhA 2018 has been such a great experience and um now I'll definitely look into going it's APhA 2019 if possible as well in Seattle but um yeah I think what are the last things I want to say is um just don't be of don't feel like afraid to like talk to people branch out try new things if anything that's what I've learned through all this is just like I met some wonderful people through APhA and all my other organizations and like I've seen some new friends here I mean I've seen some old friends here made some new ones and yeah I would just say like don't be afraid to challenge yourself alright well Anthony thanks for being on the pharmacy leaders podcast thank you so much dr. 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