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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Apr 7, 2018

A weekly review of the #pharmacy blogs, podcasts, and vlogs you should check out. Check out my new book Memorizing Pharmacology Mnemonics if you're looking for a quick read for the NAPLEX on at

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welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice on building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast pharmacy news Sunday pretty excited last week was a Easter and that means that we're pretty close to the end of the semester so a little bit of a break this summer I'm pretty excited about that but let's go through the blogs podcasts and the vloggers that we should see this week so starting off just reminder I if you can do me a favor even if you just look inside the book the new one I created and just send me some feedback whether it's my d-mac email or most people talk to me my facebook Messenger but it's called pharmacology memorising pharmacology mnemonics pharmacology questions and answers for the future nurse doctor physician assistant and pharmacist and I wanted to make a book that's not just for one specific group because I think we're going to be working in two professionally more and more as we move on there's still nine spots left for pharmacology if you want to take it with me this summer to go to d-mac dot edu and you can sign in as a guest student if you are from out of town or field from in-state and want to get that training I here at DMACC so again Community College prices if you want to take pharmacology online with my last interview on Friday was with career staff rx and really enjoyed that because I again I don't know what the job markets like I've tried talking to people some people say it's terrible some people say it's fine I've got work but I wanted all my AP PE students grab the jobs they wanted but it was nice to hear somebody else's perspective on what jobs are looking like right now and if you are interested in working with the company that specializes in that they've got their contact information there but there are right now I think 39 jobs that you can go to career staff are XCOM and and find those pharmacist jobs there if you're a pharmacy tech there's a hundred and three jobs throughout the United States so again it's a national company but I definitely check them out if you're in the hunt Fred job pharmacy girl Jackie Boyle I did an episode with Alina psycho and she's created a blog post with it about leading with authentic authenticity again most of her PI I keep saying podcast her blogs are relatively short so it's a quick read so I definitely recommend you go out to the pharmacy girl calm and check it out TLDR pharmacy has the pharmacists guide to you 500 insulin again he puts up some great blog post they're really helpful and then I think he also has his no I know he also has his diabetes cheat sheet that you can find a link to their at TLDR pharmacy comm on the mothership pharmacy podcast network started off the week on Tuesday with Ken Sternfeld from its rxv at my RX VIP which is they do pharmacogenomics and things like that and it was kind of interesting to hear what it's like on the inside of a nappy rotation or a PPE rotation and what a student does on a day-to-day basis especially working with a physician as we're kind of moving towards that model Gavilan pesto podcast dharshan he's commenting on the opioid epidemic interesting comments when I did go to APHA obviously there's all the work on the opioid epidemic but there's also the opioid shortages now because prescribers are so hesitant to prescribe opioids even when they are medically necessary that and hospitals can't get the opioids because these limitations on manufacturing so kind of interesting when you want to look at a issue that's national like this and kind of see you know both sides of it anyway just a kind of interesting dichotomy that I'm seeing that you've got the one group that's saying just you know let's stop opioids and then on the other group we have well you know once you've done that there's going to be repercussions but I think the pharmacist is really well positioned to kind of sort all that mess out so I think the next one was from hims 2018 that was a conference todd attended in it was in Vegas and then to pharmacy owners talk about their preparations for growth working with McKesson raise our of raised drugs and then ville pest Patel of Menard pharmacy your financial pharmacist I think I mentioned the home-buying episode with Nate Hendrick and then he had a two-part series so they did the first five of home-buying and then the second five of home-buying and then there was two questions that students asked one about managing debt during the residency and then went to refinance your loans but that the real estate rph that was a really interesting thing for me because I was a real estate agent for almost seven years back in Baltimore and I really enjoyed that career was the first time I understood variable income and I was working as a pharmacist when I started it but there was a long period of time where I only worked as a real estate agent and there are peaks and valleys throughout the year but the nature of the way that I did business by referral creating contact caring community I was never at a point where I thought oh my gosh where will my next check come from it was actually quite the opposite I had to leave pharmacy because I was making so much money in real estate night I never really counted the money you just kind of kept working with clients working with clients and at the end of the year you just look at it and go wow that was that was a great year and I really enjoyed that the autonomy that you had and although you know you do get the calls nights weekends all those things it was the first time I really understood how to save enough to have variable income so many people save you know a couple of months in their you know bank accounts so that you know if there's an emergency something happens but as I was working in real estate I eventually got to a point where I wanted to save two years income so that I never ever felt that I had to I never ever felt when you have that much in savings one all the financial planners in tell you're an idiot but then the second thing is that what you're really buying is peace of mind and you can't go to Amazon for that but I think that that really should be your goal not two weeks not two months but two years of income that way you know that yeah you know if something ever happens you can always get another job and you always have that to fall back on helix talk treating tardive dyskinesia so the two new agents I'm the king of pronunciation and Valbuena zine is not a problem but the number of syllables in the next one it's do tetra Benazir and it's like do like the first three letters of two and French tetra like four and then been azim but I thought that it had a limit of four syllables on new drugs I'm not sure how that happened but do tetra penta zine Valbuena zine is an interesting episode because I I'm not clinical but when you have a novel drug that treats something that nothing ever treated before it's kind of cool to hear about that --cork consult rx I think he had one on acne vulgaris if I'm right uh yeah and he's building a library of some really great episodes there as well hey Kevin Yee I really liked the episode he did with April Schlueter who quit engineering to become a life coach and you would say oh my gosh you know that's that seems counterintuitive why would you do that and I feel like that one-on-one that ability to see how you're impacting someone directly is a really really important part of satisfaction with life with satisfaction with your work but I definitely recommend you check that out and if you haven't already check out Bryan Fung's tips for the face two residency match or the residency scramble that was a really good episode he he really has great insights when it comes to residency's and things like that other than that this week on the pharmacy leaders podcast were going to welcome Kelly Jo welter who is the APHA ASP president-elect and then we're going to hear from the creative pen comm she's out of bath in England and we're gonna have a two-part series with both of those and she does a really great job I think she has 30 books now but she started with nothing she was no not an author she just decided this is something that she was interested in trying to do and we talked about not only some of the difficulties that she has but certainly how you can become an author year all right well it's 15 degrees in central Iowa so we'll keep warm and I will talk to you next week support for this episode comes from the audiobook memorizing pharmacology a relaxed approach with over 9,000 sales in the United States United Kingdom and Australia it's the go-to resource to ease the pharmacology challenge available on audible iTunes and in print ebook and audiobook thank you for listening to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra be sure to share the show with the hash tag hash pharmacy leaders [Music]