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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Apr 14, 2018

A weekly review of the #pharmacy blogs, podcasts, and vlogs you should check out. Check out my new book Memorizing Pharmacology Mnemonics if you're looking for a quick read for the NAPLEX on at

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Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice from building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative profession a welcome the pharmacy news Sunday Saturday but I wanted to first congratulate everybody that went through that a second round of the match I know there's about 400 or so people I think that matched in that and I kind of wanted to go over the numbers and just talk a little bit about the whole residency process so my source of information here is the a SHP press release that came out on April 12 so it says 4777 students matched with 2300 pharmacy residency program and it was in two different phases but what concerns me is that it says that over the last five years residency positions have increased by one thousand four hundred and fifty or forty three percent that's a huge number if you're talking about a total of let's let's do easy math so fifteen hundred positions increase forty five hundred match that means that five years ago there were three thousand positions and now five years later we have forty five hundred physicians my concern is that that means that that many more people are graduating July 1 and so everybody that's in pharmacy school and it's going to an employer without the residency is saying oh yeah I'm available sometime mid-may maybe even early June but these residency trained students can't work until July 1st and I'm wondering if that's an issue because I'm hearing anecdotally that there are some residents that are having trouble finding physicians and I just don't know if we've pushed the clinical boundaries a little too far obviously you know from the school's perspective we want to have the best trained pharmacist for this upcoming clinical wave I guess you want to call it as we work towards provider status but what I'm saying is in the last five years are there 1450 more clinical positions that these residency trained pharmacists are going to fill and I just don't know and I'm not sure where I'm seeing the growth is in community where a community resident will actually start doing a lot of entrepreneurial work to kind of create their own position and I'm seeing that kind of expansion and I'm just too ignorant to know what's going on in hospital so I'd just be curious to see how the job markets going for those residents who are looking to finish the residency up here in so let's see nor April middle April April May June so May June to two and a half months you'll be out in the job market than six months later paying student loans so I'm just kind of curious you didn't do pgy two or maybe you're leaving PG by two if anybody wants to talk about that so two-and-a-half months from now you should be working in something and I just wonder if we've overgrown those positions so quickly because the title of it is you know pharmacy residency match shows study growth in postgraduate training well that's good and well that we're getting more training but how are we preparing for the jobs that are available and are the jobs that are available residency jobs or are they jobs that are not clinical like mine or I just don't know so I'm just really concerned when I see exponential growth of something and I don't see exponential growth of maybe the job that were preparing for so I could be completely wrong all these people could have great clinical jobs clinical positions and be in fantastic shape so I don't know I'm just kind of curious to know how the PG y 1 PG y 2 job market is a post residency kind of report arm that so on pharmacy leaders podcast this week we've got second part of author speaker Joanna Penn from the creative Penn continuing to talk about how you can kind of get into writing or getting into becoming author entrepreneur again she around 2006 decided that she was done with her 13 years of cubicle job working for a mining company I think in Australia and started her road to becoming well-known author and making I think that will six-figure income I'm not sure but certainly doing very well and she's just just fun to talk to and just fun to listen to and she's from England so I was kept of course a great accent that really makes it so fun to listen to her and and just her enthusiasm she's just someone I love love to listen to and I have three now four of her audiobooks on Wednesday we have dr. Rajiv chiropody who is author of physician that's the title of it and as we're looking towards interprofessional work we really need to know a lot more about the physician the profession of physicians how we can work with them and we kind of talked about his book and and his book really takes you from the beginning to present day so how physicians kind of got into their practice the fracturing so where does nursing fit in where does pharmacy fit in when everything became just too big and then what's going on in the future there are certain professions that especially even in medicine that are certainly threatened by things like AI where radiologists in center a second radiologists look at a film you would have the aiv the second radiologist but then in areas like psych we certainly have well unfortunately we have underfunding but I think we also have a shortage of practitioners so that was fantastic I always like to bring in on a physician and then taking in a little different direction on Friday we've got a pharmacist and comedian former Texan la-based Mahesh gitaji on the creative career so he is a practicing pharmacist but he has New York and LA representation and I can't tell you how big a deal that is you don't just get an agent it doesn't work that way he certainly worked on his craft but also he gives some tips on making that kind of a career move so coming to the mothership and the pharmacy podcast network fit pharmacist was on Monday talking about ending hunger and food waste in Pittsburgh and interview with DN Mullins with Aaron L Albert and Dee Ann Mullins is the former I was at president of NCPA I don't remember her exact title but she's also a pharmacy owner so you know what is it like to be pharmacy owner mom president all of these things and then talking a little bit about building a successful community pharmacy practice with Nicole McClure who was grx Holdings up here in West Des Moines literally ten miles away or 15 miles away from where I am here in Iowa so that's kind of cool and she has a great interview there and then are we here carlos aquino from pharmacy diversions LLC who's talking about DEA documentation requirements so that is the mother ship and then Christopher Kelley NPHC phq wanted me to let you guys know about an event so it's macro impact on health care providers and if you are a Californian this is in the San Diego area it's on Thursday April 19th 5160 federal Boulevard in San Diego the family health centers of San Diego it's in the evening 5:30 to 7:45 p.m. Nick Marquis Marchione II who is the director of the County of San Diego Health and Human Service is the moderator and then there are three panelists the chief medical officer dr. Ashley Wolfe nurse practitioner Jen Sebring and operations manager at UCSD Vanessa Schatzberg so very inexpensive your student 15 bucks even if you're a non member of $35 but interesting talking about Macra and really how it is that as health professionals we can work together TL DR pharmacy again watch for their diabetes guide which just came out a couple weeks back and there's of course the free pharmacist guide to you 500 insulin if you want to look at that Jackie boil the pharmacy girl has moved she is now with the happy farm D so partnering up with Alex Barker over there and so any reports from the blogs I'll be giving from the happy farm decom she's really been the great interviewer and just so important to kind of find your tribe in this environment so obviously I'm part of the five pharmacy podcast network Todd URI started that you know 2009 and he has been a great mentor to me so as you're looking for your entrepreneurial journey or you're looking towards figuring out what it is you want to do in addition to maybe your daytime pharmacy job I always recommend either joining a group getting a mentor something like that so I'm very excited for her I know how excited she is about coaching one-on-one and that's I don't say just something I don't do but I don't I I I'm working so hard on my book so I spent from 4 to 6 a.m. this 4 to 6:30 no 4 to 7 a.m. this morning I was editing because I'm in the middle of getting the audio book out so 4 to 7 this morning I did editing and now again 5 to 7 p.m. I'll do editing and then probably gosh tend to midnight tonight I'll do more editing and just making it so that it's a script so turning a book into an audiobook script is tremendously difficult in terms of I want to find a quote for you there's somebody said if you need me to speak for an hour here's here's the quote Rio's a woodrow wilson if you need me to speak for 10 minutes I need a week for preparation in 15 minutes three days if half an hour two days if you let me talk for an hour I'm ready now and that's so true you know when you have 1.2 million words in a pharmacology textbook I don't want to say that's easy it's obviously hard to manage but you know there's a lot of stuff that I could I could cut a pharmacology textbook like that in half and now there's a single bit of content it's just they're talking passive voice they talk with big words and all that stuff I prefer to talk directly succinctly so I'm going through style writer grammerly using all of my undergraduate master's degree in English to make sure that this script is concise we're articulate it's engaging that you will be able to because I'm asking you to listen to pharmacology for somewhere between seven and ten hours I can't have passive voice in there at all zero passive voice it's all gone so working really really hard to make pharmacology memorizing pharmacology mnemonics a great review for you and hopefully I'll have it for you before graduation looking to try to do that and finish it by the end of this month I was really impacted by the talk to your pharmacist podcast this week Hillary Blackburn interviewed Erin Hendrick and something that she was talking about that I kind of really really kind of connected with was she was I think she graduated from residency pharmacy residency Erin Hendrick at the same time her husband began residency in medicine so she followed him in his residency and then followed him in fellowship and followed him to a job and she had to change her job three times and I I did not make any I want to say the sacrifice was the same in any way but I'm when I moved to Iowa I got I had four jobs within the first two years and it was just really nice to have a flexible degree and this is in the middle of the you know housing crisis and I was able to get for different jobs with a pharmacy degree so I just would really love to hear from those spouses that are kind of being tossed around a little bit because they have to go here they have to go there and I would just be really interested to hear but I guess I it was kind of a I appreciate what you had to go through and then at the end she ended up being the CEO of a company and then that she's with a different company but really really inspiring interview so I really recommend that you listen to Hillary blackboard just in general to talk to your pharmacist podcast I always had some great material pharmacy demand indicators the same I don't know what's going on quarter one for this year again jobs were up from quarter three last year so I'm just kind of curious how that and and these are general jobs these are manager jobs these are specialized jobs so I really don't have any data for a PG you post PG y1 or post PG y2 resident like great you know you're getting another year of training but I want to know that you're getting jobs that you're satisfied with that you want I want to know that those things are happening and then obviously provider status a CEO FHA has been sending out letters make sure that you do contact your congressperson to let them know how important this bill is and I think they're trying to attach it to an opioid bill so just not sure exactly the the intricacies of that we're down to eight seats available in the pharmacology class I teach over summer so if you want to take pharmacology with me I'm go to memorizing pharmacology calm look at online course and then you can see the syllabus and a little bit about the contact and any links that you need there to enroll it says staff but I'm teaching it and it's just the thing with regards to summer we don't really get put into the system until a lot later or a lot closer to that start date but that starts in May and it ends in August it's only a ten week program so it hopefully it fits into your schedule but if you want to take online pharmacology with me I'd be loved to have you as part of the last eight students in class let's see okay and then I have a new youtube video that kind of talks a little bit more about the syllabus itself Kevin Yee was answering a couple of different questions asking about money questions asked about pharmacy questions so these were really long he was like an hour for the ask me or pharmacy questions that he stream like six days ago so he's been rocking the microphone lately let's see I think that's everything I wanted to cover for this week so again excited to have an author who paired with a physician to write a book about being a healthy writer which is really the same thing is it's really honestly being a healthy person staying in the same place all day long and then on Wednesday having a physician author come on and talk about how we can work with physicians and then on Friday so excited to have comedian Mahesh kotaki come on check him out on YouTube he's got a great five-minute bit and he's a Texan and the material that he has it's not pharmacy related some of that stuff kind of fell flat he was talking about in the interview but he's a funny guy and I think you'll appreciate that so have a great weekend and look forward to hearing from your emails and again the best way to get in touch with me probably is facebook Messenger as long as you don't have like a creepy profile where it's just like oh the same picture over and over again I'll be happy to add you as a friend so I'll talk to you next week support for this episode comes from the audio book memorizing pharmacology a relaxed approach with over 9,000 sales in the United States United Kingdom and Australia it's the go-to resource to ease the pharmacology challenge available on audible iTunes and in print ebook and audiobook thank you for listening to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra be sure to share the show with the hash tag hash pharmacy leaders