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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

May 5, 2018

A summary look at this week's pharmacy podcasts, blogs, and vlogs. 

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Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice from building your
professional network brand and a
purposeful second income from students
residents and innovative professionals
hey welcome to pharmacy leaders Sunday
or weekend edition I'm here with my p4
student on his very last day
actually he's p3 so for another week and
then then he transitions into p4 but at
the University of Iowa it's a little bit
different they get to choose whether
they're gonna take classes do up to two
additional elective rotations and can
you do other stuff besides just
electives or can you do primary
rotations as p3 or you have to wait
through p4 years you couldn't you could
get and if you get them out of the way
like if you got two done now would you
have like two free later if you wanted
it that way okay okay so you can't get
away with that all right good to know
good to know all right so this week I'm
ed was there's two thirds of my week
this week on Monday you're gonna listen
to him interviewing Sam let me get the
last name right ender egg or is it just
and reg and reg the CEO of dock station
and really an inspiring story of someone
who was on the path the PG y 1 PG y2 got
the job he wanted found that he wanted
to do something a little bit different
and how that success story happened
episode 99 every p4 that comes through
here and now p3 you're the first p3 nice
you're you're representing well that
came in here I always like to interview
and find out their story and he has an
amazing immigrant story where he came
over here there was a lot of difficulty
he came here when he was 7 right
and I had tremendous tremendous success
after some real difficulty in the
beginning and then episode 100 Michelle
Nagas was nice enough to interview one
of her also graduating classmates from
Drake University and we'll hear their
inspiring story - so that's what's
coming up in the pharmacy leaders
podcast this week
ah the mothership the pharmacy podcast
I lost the feed for that all right on
Monday it was the income outcome show
then on I think it was Wednesday so how
to communicate with a patient how
pharmacy marketing is simplified so
Nicole McClure is president of grx
marketing and she literally works 20
miles down the road it's amazing that we
have 25 podcast hosts and you know two
of us are in Iowa not you know 10 20
miles from each other but she does a
really great job of talking with someone
about texting on zip whip and it's Jay
Street and talking about how we should
be communicating with our patients in a
way that they care about so while you
know we're trying to communicate with
them on the phone we would never want
someone to call us or when someone calls
us we don't pick up we just look at it
and go okay I know who that is then I'll
text them why are you calling you know
and then they'll text you so it's just
it makes a lot of sense to better
understand that and then one of our
locals Kate Gaynor who is the CEO of the
Iowa pharmacy Association gets on with
Erin Elle Albert and talks with her so
haven't had a chance to listen to that
episode yet but we'll be listening to it
soon okay and then Erin Albert I think
she's talking about her new course or I
don't know how new it is but cool jobs
for pharmacists what's your next career
move a tldr pharmacy he's still waiting
for an update from them I'm sure it will
come soon but again his last one was how
to do a med rec or medication
reconciliation and then Jackie boiled
three ways to do less and accomplish
more on the happy farm D blog Pharmacy
Jo now pretty consistent with two
episodes a week so if you are in
critical care pharmacy Hospital farm
see if you're really struggling to you
know get through some of those nap Lex
case studies and want somebody to really
quickly tell you how things go his shows
are seven minutes and he is one of those
guys that is up on iTunes top 200 in
terms of top 100 or 200 in terms of
iTunes episodes also Helix talk talked
about pulmonary embolism but it was that
tardive dyskinesia one from April early
April that I really liked you know one
of the new agents about benzene
something that I really didn't
understand and know about and so as
teaching I'm teaching pharmacology
always like to keep up and helix talk
and pharmacy Joe are a great way to do
that your financial pharmacists those
guys talk about the five big mistakes
that pharmacists make with their student
loans and I don't know I think the
biggest mistake was actually taking out
loans in the first place I could have
easily taken another year before
pharmacy school and kind of saved up for
that but again I'm talking about when
they doubled tuition to $4,000 a year so
things are a little bit different now in
the new gig economy the talk to your
pharmacist podcast Hillary Blackburn had
this this is back in mid-april a
pharmacy executives career path with
Aaron Hendrix but hearing what it is to
become a CEO of a hospital and a vice
president of a healthcare company I
definitely recommend that you check that
out this week on YouTube so Kevin Yi
talks about someone who got into
pharmacy school after ten years of
trying so you want to talk about
persistence that is that is the epitome
of persistence and it just he's just fun
to listen to but he also does live
streams so if you ever want to catch him
you can on his live stream that was on
April 29th and then I didn't see
anything new this week from Paul Tran
and Brian Fung but I do like watching
them Brian Fung head I think more of a
personal one with Starcraft winning his
tournament but we have a new youtuber so
the soon-to-be p4 just created a YouTube
channel yesterday yeah yesterday so he
has 33 subscribers it's called your pop
don't get it confused with kpop it's not
like that at all it's actually very
inspirational but it's for your pursuit
of purpose and a big part of his
background is mentoring young men who
are maybe struggling in high school and
what he wants to do is kind of take
those messages and increase the reach
that he has so again thanks for
listening on this pharmacy news Sunday
look forward to a great weekend we've
got Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby
all at the same time so it's gonna be a
fun weekend this week and then next week
we'll be back with a number of I'm
really looking forward to sharing this
one with you I was able to talk to
somebody who just graduated PG y 1p gy2
is going into an administrative position
at Kentucky and we talked at length in
every step of the way how do you get the
residency how do you use the residency
as a tool to get to your next step how
do you choose where you want to be in
the country how do you make it so that
you end up at this
you know phenomenal facility and she's a
phenomenal person you know Devlin Smith
but I think you're gonna also find that
great so that's something to look
forward to in two weeks but anyway I'll
see you guys next week support for this
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