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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Feb 7, 2019

Getting teaching and research experience in pharmacy school can be hard, but Caroline Jones, a P1, at Drake University gives us some insight into how her six-year program allows students to hit the ground running. She worked with me in a January Term experience getting face-to-face teaching experience and I'm happy to...

Oct 9, 2018

Three Free APhA-ASP MRM Student Travel Registration Stipend contest ($130 each, giving out three) is on until Friday, October 19, 2018. Just comment on this post and get the most likes and you win. Any APhA-ASP Chapter (only one per school) any number from a region. Even if you already attended because the event falls...

Sep 26, 2018

Abby Narayan is a P4 student at the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy currently on her Academic APPE rotation at DMACC. 
She will be interviewing Adaeze Emecheta who is a close friend and also a P4 student with the University of Iowa. Adaeze completed an internship with the World Health Organization in Geneva in...

Aug 29, 2018

I interview our Block 3 APPE student from the University of Iowa Alison Russell about many of the practical things you'd like to know before you get to the rotation site. 

The new pharmacotherapy audiobook from 

Aug 27, 2018

University of Iowa P4 APPE student, Alison Russell interviews Autumn Petersen on the ins and outs of being a leader while in pharmacy school. Autumn is also a P4 from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy who is currently on rotation with the Froedtert (FRAY-dirt) longitudinal program in...