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Pharmacy Residency Podcast

Feb 24, 2018

Another weekend where I talk about the blog posts, podcasts, and videos of the week. If you're wanting to do an APPE academic teaching rotation in fall contact me at

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Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice on building your professional
network brand and a purposeful second
income from students residents and
innovative professionals hey welcome to
the pharmacy leaders podcast Sunday
edition it is 5:30 a.m. on Saturday and
I will be going over a number of things
with podcasts and blogs but what I'm
guessing is on the top of your minds is
the match and you have to turn in your
results I think in just a little less
than two weeks so I reached out to
Brandon Dyson TLDR pharmacy comm and he
has that book that you can get from his
website mastering the match and in
chapter 1 he talks a little bit about
exactly how the math works and then in
Chapter 12 he gives you a checklist of
criteria so you can do a self-evaluation
sort of on how the rank of programs so I
definitely recommend that you go check
out TLDR pharmacy comm for that and he
has a couple of key points the first is
don't try to game it literally just
answer where do you want to go most and
then what's your dream residency and
start there and work your way down you
do have to think about a lot of
questions to get to that answer but do
you want a pgy to within the program do
you want to just be able to stay there I
know Sean cane us stayed up in Chicago
for both of his bgy one feed you
- do you prefer an academic medical
center if you're going to be going into
a hospital now for me I really wanted to
be in a town where there was a School of
Pharmacy really close to where we were
living in we literally could walk to the
local I say the local college I mean was
thirty thousand students at this College
itself and then the pharmacy school was
just right there do you want to focus on
transplant patients cancer patients in
the future do you want to live in a big
city with lots of fun things to do
although as a resident you're not gonna
get to see them too much or do you
prefer places close to home and are you
willing to move what are you willing to
do and I think that he does a really
great job in his book about explaining
how you should go through that but his
last advice is don't try to guess which
programs are more likely to match based
on the interviews don't rank a place if
you don't think you're gonna be happy
there the math and the match gives your
vote a better priority so the advice to
give is match put ranked the top school
as the one that you would prefer to be
at the most pharmacy girl calm I really
enjoyed her last blog post on a
definition of coaching I know that she's
now doing coaching and I think she's
going to be someone that you can really
talk to and really get a lot of good
advice from but that's Jackie Boyle at
the pharmacy girl calm in terms of
what's going on with the podcast so this
week we're going to have Reilly Poe from
Drake University on Monday I actually
just put out a hey I've got a couple of
spots open in February on Instagram I'm
still trying to work on that you know I
just broke 10,000 subscribers on YouTube
and I think I have like 200 or 300 on
Instagram so not much of a network there
but he was nice to know say hey yeah you
know I'll go for it and I got to tell
you I was just blown away when I when I
interviewed him I've never met the guy
he just I did all the questions just
from the top of my head I just kind of
went with the conversation
and his answers were just spot-on all
the time and he has some really great
advice about you know what you should
what you should be doing as you're you
know kind of looking towards residency
kind of looking towards the future and I
thought if there's one guy that has
given some great advice on that kind of
match process and we didn't talk
directly about the match process but the
way that he talks about things about
goals about the future about taking
risks about going out there and doing
things that are innovative and some and
exciting that I think you're gonna get a
ton of value from this Monday on
Wednesday and we're gonna hear from Jane
Allen who is the works at high V as a
store manager down here in Iowa but she
actually interviews two AP PE students
which is kind of cool my ap PE student
Ashley are indoor fur and then her own
ap PE student shannon moore from Drake
University and then on Friday I'll have
the interview of my previous ap PE
student I always like to interview them
get to know what their goals are how the
rotation fit into what they like and of
course give them some social exposure as
well it's always important that your
LinkedIn or your resume literally speak
with some audio what else is going on so
I I don't think I talked about it yet
the Netflix scores are out the new ones
for the 2017 class and they went up and
I have to say that I really was I was
looking at the social boards and I think
the social boards have in as the kind of
moniker that pharmacy schools are taking
whomever and that the scores are gonna
continue to go down because pharmacy
schools are relaxing admissions
requirements and we're seeing the
opposite is true
pharmacy schools are reducing class size
to maintain their
to maintain how high their nap flex
scores are and then of course the
quality of the program and so forth so I
think what we might see is a shrinking
of pharmacy schools while we're seeing
this massive expansion in the number of
pharmacy schools as a as a pre pharmacy
advisor there are three things I think
that students care about the first is
our most students going to graduate from
the program and right now attrition is
around 11% so 89% of students on average
will graduate when they enter a pharmacy
school when they graduate do they pass
the Netflix and mpj II and the first
time and I think to the pharmacy school
I think it's a little bit unfair to
attribute mpj eat too much to them
because so many students do residency
that how are you as a school in one
state going to help a student prepare
for another state but the nat flex
scores that's all on the pharmacy school
and and I think that some of them have
brought some in-house programs in giving
rx prep those types of things but to
make sure students are aware because I
think the reason most people students
most students fail the nap Lex is that
there are obligers that if you go to the
Gretchen Rubin comm and do this quiz it
it basically says you know you're an
obligor is somebody who will put others
before themselves and I think what
happens is that when you're in rotations
you're always putting the rotation first
and yourself and the NAP like study
second so I don't necessarily think that
those that fail it are in any way less
educated it's the other way around they
may actually put others so far ahead of
themselves that it actually ends up to
their detriment that being said there
was a score in the mid 50s and I'm not
going to mention the the pharmacy
schools name that's you know they know
and I just would be curious to see what
AC fieid does because a CPE that's the
accrediting body and you know from their
own website they say if a program is
this professional degree program leading
to the doctor of pharmacy degree is
judged to meet established qualification
education standards through initial and
subsequent periodic evaluations and if
just a little over half of your class is
graduating from pharmacy school I just
want to see if there's any kind of
action there because this school is not
on probation
that's accredited and seeing a score
like that you know and it's a tiny tiny
school only about I want to say it's
only 50 so I think 28 of those 50 passed
but that is really just I think
something would need to be done but I'm
just curious
if something does get done because we've
seen over and over again that you know
people are asking well hey let's reduce
the number of pharmacy schools and you
know they're not going to do anything
about that
and supply demand is going to take its
and the last thing that I think students
want is if they graduate and pass the
Board Exam how likely are they gonna get
a job and I don't think we have good
data on that you're going to see and
I've seen it over and over again there
is a ton of misleading information out
there and I talked to the pre-pharmacy
students I'm with but you see over and
over again that you know ninety percent
of graduates are getting jobs with an X
number of months yet their nap Plex
score is you know maybe 80% or 70% or
even 60% what you have to read is what
they're saying is that this percentage
of survey respondents are the ones that
got jobs and I got to tell you if I
graduated from pharmacy school and I got
a survey asking me hey what you doing
what job do you have and I'm wrong and I
didn't pass the Netflix well I'm not
gonna send that back so be very careful
you're gonna see and I talked to my free
pharmacy students about this but you're
gonna see hey we got 99% jobs or 97
son of our graduates got jobs within six
months those data are completely skewed
if you talk about the number of students
in total versus the number of
respondents to that survey which is a
completely different thing
okay so I'll get off my soapbox there
what's going on with the mother ship
pharmacy podcast network there were a
couple of I love the pharmacy inspection
podcast because it's like super niche
like I mean I'm I'm kind of super niche
with pharmacy leaders but I'm kind of
the Hard Rock Cafe of love all serve all
in terms of who I'll interview because
I'm just love hearing from other people
with interesting jobs and that have
interesting careers and you know I'm
super happy to talk to most anybody but
let me see so the next one was this ap
PE rotation that Todd and Aaron put
together I'm not sure how that fits in
because we're just seeing on social
everybody's putting up their ap PE sites
that they just got and I just got my
rotation students so I'm gonna have six
students next year super happy to see
them and I only go local I really only
have students from Iowa and then the
state over but if you're interested in
coming to here to Iowa or central Iowa
maybe you have some connections here I
know most this is bad but a lot of times
students make their decisions based on
where they're going to be at the time or
if they have housing but I understand
completely if you're interested in
teaching and you're interested in coming
in the fall I'd be happy to talk with
your pharmacy school but again we're
kind of at that time where if you might
be able to change and/or you might have
a spot that it didn't work out the way
you wanted if you're interested in
teaching you will get more face-to-face
teaching time here than
many many many places out there you will
be in front of the classroom small
classrooms large classrooms you'll
understand what it is to teach online
and then of course we'll put you out
there on social media if that's
something that is interesting to you and
then the last one from pharmacy podcast
network this week was mobile technology
advancements in diabetes care King fit
and how it's just kind of amazed what's
going on with these types of apps and
things like that
for patients and I think it's so
important that we really start embracing
the technology and understanding how
we're going to work with them okay
youtubers so Kevin Yee had one on there
talking a little bit about how we deal
with the tragedy in Florida for example
but also our patients are talking about
it and as a health professional we're
somebody that they come to so another
thing to talk about there okay so I
think that's it
I talked about my podcast oh there was a
couple of other podcasts I did want to
talk about let's see
so pharmacy Joe this is a couple weeks
back had episode 268 how to study and
pass BCPs or any bps exam that was
really helpful I'm not taking the BCPs
but I really liked it helix talk had one
about anticoagulation locked on pharmacy
at APHA nancy alvarez dr. autumn stewart
lynch court consult had that one on
influenza and your financial pharmacist
they had an i want to it's one of the
Tim's I forget which last names it is
but it's the Tim that's in Florida and
he and his wife had a conversation about
how they came together and how that's a
little bit bumpy at first and I talked
to my wife about things we've got some
possibly very high expenses coming up
one of our daughters medicines might not
be covered so we might be putting a
house payment into that
very soon and so I kind of follow those
guys and you know we're established so
we're not in the oh my gosh what am I
going to do but certainly you know when
you're paying you know fifteen eighteen
thousand dollars a year for a single
medication it's going to impact your
life in some way well so I'll kind of
keep you updated on that and how we deal
with it because I think it would be
valuable because I know that some of you
guys are dealing with things and
certainly the graduates with their new
student loan debt and things like that
so but otherwise I have a good week
excited that APHA is coming up in a
couple of weeks here yeah it's not far
away and I will be there so I hope to
connect with you if I haven't connected
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