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Pharmacy Residency Podcast

Mar 24, 2018

Sunday episodes with the blogs, podcasts, and YouTubers you should be watching and listening to. 

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Full Transcript:

Welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice on building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals okay welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast Sunday edition excited to talk about a couple of things I finished APHA in Nashville and so I'm a little bit behind I'm going to put out some episodes I put in before you know have the episode where I talk to my wife about entrepreneurship and then colleagues with Shipman who I ran into a Nashville she got a job from her residency site so I thought those were two of the most appropriate for this week and then Friday I'll have something I think the engineer so on the mothership pharmacy leaders financial advice a I with darshan and there are a lot of legal issues that are a he goes over a number of them and I think you'll you'll really enjoy that if you're a techie and kind of into that I know it's how you really need to position yourself ahead an interview in an author and a is affecting medicine and physicians and for example because psychiatry is a painful business likely we're in better shape being in psychiatry but radiology is going to participate by they do a better job then we go into Aaron Albert's one of her best episodes are the ones that have both side hustles and she goes into a number of different things that pharmacist commute or extra cash or extra satisfaction or even extra community the episode where I talk to my wife the first kind of surprise with entrepreneurial it wasn't about any money at all it was really about helping people in being part of the community and getting to work with other people outside of work and then the medical cannabis pharmacist TLDR pharmacy he's got a journal club he put up on March 16 about Red Rocks a van with or without aspirin and stable cardiovascular disease so something really one of those things that you really want to use if you have a ap PE student and you want to do something that's a little more sometimes you know with journal club you have to do it on Wednesdays or whatever it is with the SI e network that you have in your state it's kind of nice to be able to just read through one and go over it with the student there than Jackie Boyle he has have you sponsored lately so talking about mentorship and how there's a lot of satisfaction and not only mentoring but being mentored having someone else's kind of got your back someone else's helping you lead the way I did get to meet the Tim's at in Nashville and they had Nate Hendrick who is the real estate rph that's his branding he's a real estate agent back in the day I was a real estate agent for seven years but that's not part of my life now I think real estate works really great if you are single or you are pretty young into you know in terms of not having many responsibilities with children and I think it also works really well if the children are out of the house but I think personally the real estate was just fundamentally incompatible with being a good parent to three kids so I just kind of let that go but I'm thinking about writing a book on it and I'm gonna make it a fun one so we'll see but anyway 10 things every pharmacist should know about home buying that was the first five of that list so that was kind of fun talk to your pharmacist podcast with Hilary Blackburn had the president or the CEO a ACP I think she has two roles I think it's president and CEO Lucinda main and they talked about what's going on with pharmacy and in terms of you know what what are the strategies that the schools are using to get the right curriculum to prepare pharmacist for the the workforce and it's a very very good interview going into the pharmacy manpower comm and seeing the pharmacy demand indicator this must have come out a little while ago but following the worst loss of you know numbers or the the worst drop now we have the biggest gain in the pharmacy demand from where it dropped precipitously and then it came back up pretty well and it's almost even even is about a three where the pharmacist demand and pharmacy supply excuse me are the same and it really came out that was great to see that that the pharmacists jobs are there and we'll see what happens in spring which tends to be or first quarter which tends to be one of the lowest time so again good news for pharmacists across the country that the pharmacy demand indicator is on its way or is up from the last quarter one of the bets that pharmacy is made in general is that pharmacists are going to be needed to provide these clinical services but here's kind of a little bit of a surprise and this is on the back of the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association it's the very last page and it's the very last sentence and I don't want to violate any copyrights or whatever but basically it said that if pharmacists are paid for their services then we can get pharmacists to provide those services and that kind of makes sense but the demand is not there and when we say that I think it was that half of all people that wanted it didn't want the MTM services and if we kind of think about that in general think about well someone wants to stop smoking but as a reserve if you look at all the smokers you know when you're asking okay do you want to stop smoking want to stop and you know people that need to be on a diet like me don't all want to be on a diet and so this makes a lot of sense that patients don't necessarily want the accountability and just because we're able to do it just because we have financing to do it doesn't necessarily mean the patient wants to do it and I came back to this is way way back my training in rhetoric and we're going all the way back to Plato and Socrates I'm gonna tell you a little bit of a story this guy at the Gorgas it's a story about the Gorgas and he was a rhetorician and generally a rhetorician has a bad bad connotation in some ways and that they persuade someone to do something they don't want to do and I'm gonna give you a quote from the the Gorgas so let me offer you a striking example of this when several of occasions I've been with my brother Herodotus or some other physician to see one of his patients who would not allow the physician to give him medicine or apply and this is way back apply a knife they mean have surgery or a hot iron to him and so no it's a little bit barbaric but the point is the next sentence which is and had there and I have persuaded him to do for me what he would not do for the physician just by the use of rhetoric and what this is basically saying and we're talking about thousands of years ago is that patients don't want to take medicine patients don't want to be in MTM they don't want these things and what they but they will do these things if in some way we articulate how it is a value to them and unfortunately our pre-pharmacy so many students are biology or chemistry and we have so few that would even come across something like this where we're in maybe a philosophy class and we're having discussions and it's so important to talk about communication and not just communicating as in patient counseling competition which is awesome but when we talk about patient counseling we think did you get everything right but the real patient counseling is did you get someone who doesn't want to take their medicine to take their medicine that is a tremendous skill and a very valuable one but we've really lost a lot of that rhetoric a lot of that ability to be communicative in that way because our training is so far into the sciences rather than into the humanities so I I know that's just a goofy way way long ago example but if we can articulate the value to the patient and then we can do a better job of and there'll be more MTM and all that stuff so just something I wanted to point out Brian's fun actually to YouTube episodes I recommend he talks to the residency scramble things featuring its rendezvous and that one was on the 21st xx and then he did another one the day after not matching into a pharmacy residency doesn't define you and I know a lot of you who are in Phase two are scared or are feeling a little bit down but don't reject yourself make sure to put in the application see how things go because there are it's going to be some people that reject themselves and say well if I didn't match it the first one then I'm not gonna match in the second but don't pick one that you wouldn't otherwise do if you didn't match and you don't see anything left that is for you I would personally wait I would kind of see what what else I would want to do out there and sometimes the interviewers are a better job than the interviewee of knowing that you really didn't want a residency in the first place you just felt like you had to apply or you had to do one and so it'll be some introspection but that Jackie Boyle has the kind of post on her the pharmacy girl blog about what you should do as you're going into this phase two but I think do some very quick soul-searching to figure out okay do I really want to do a residency yes okay well then go for it go for them phase two and then go for the scramble if not and then after that I know that there are more residency's coming each year and so you might match next year Kevin yee-hee-hee had regrets turning 30 I'm gonna be turning 46 so I don't really I can't really feel for you Kevin man I'm you know I'm old and I know that 30 feels old but I assure you you are not old at all but I do love listening to his videos Kevin Yee pharmacist so anyway hope you guys have a good weekend I'll be back next week and we'll be talking a little bit more about what we're going to have is wearing of a physician on in the week after that talks about his book becoming an author and how we can work with physicians definitely if not this Friday in Salina next week we'll hear from my ap PE student who did a really great job of interviewing someone in the city that she's moving to not only to learn about it but to learn about the city and kind of get a little heed leg up on on where she's going and we'll have some other great content as well have a great weekend support for this episode comes from the audio book memorizing pharmacology a relaxed approach with over 9,000 sales in the United States United Kingdom and Australia it's the go-to resource to ease the pharmacology challenge available on audible iTunes in print ebook and audiobook thank you for listening to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra be sure to share the show with the hashtag hash pharmacy leaders