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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Oct 17, 2018

A $500 ASHP Travel Stipend from contest ends on October 24th, one week from today. In this episode, I give my three best tips for winning this kind of contest and of course share some pharmacy news from the best podcasters in the biz. Check it out here: 

Oct 12, 2018

Make sure to check out the APhA-ASP MRM Travel Stipend Post on my Facebook Page (TonyPharmD1) and have a listen to the best blogs, vlogs, and podcasts in the #pharmacy world. Want to support me? Pick up one of my books free at if you haven't already become a member:

Sep 29, 2018

There's magic in the Colorado admissions office as they rose 30 in applications last year while most of the rest of the nation faltered. How did they do it? Also, the best blogs, podcasts, and blogs. 

Sep 15, 2018

A Review of the Best in Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts in Pharmacy. 

Aug 25, 2018

Please support Paul Tran and his Home Depot / DIY success by visiting his YouTube and Insta channels. 

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and Pharmacy News from the podcasts,...