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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Jul 12, 2018

Whether you need a live CE or are looking to train as a Pharmacy Technician, Kevin hope talks about the offerings that has to offer.


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welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice from building your
professional network brand and a
purposeful second income from students
residents and innovative professionals
hey you welcome to the pharmacy leaders
podcast I am in Indianapolis Indiana for
p-tech Pharmacy Technician to educators
Council 2018 and right now I am with
Kevin oak from free sitcom he just got
off the main stage and I just wanted to
have a talk with him so welcome to the
pharmacy leaders podcast
thank you Tony I appreciate it pleasure
to be alright well you were talking
about online pharmacology or not online
program but online teaching some
principles and practice can you tell us
a little bit about some of the numbers
that you covered in terms of how many
people are online and then success rates
between somebody who starts online and
then someone who's already been in an
online class
it's absolutely Tony we are seeing on a
national basis a lot more attention
given to online programs about one in
three students that come into the
college program now will take at least
one online course over the course of
their time there at the college so we're
seeing a lot more students to come in do
programs online exclusively almost half
of students that are interviewed who
have taken online courses now are saying
that their courses are completely online
and as far as retention rates that's
been a big concern and that's because I
think Tony a lot of online coursework
requires a lot of reading it requires a
lot of self motivation on the students
part and we're seeing retention rates
about 55% where they're about 77% for
traditional coursework so definitely
have to kind of consider whether a
student is the right option right fit
for the online class begins so tell me a
little bit about who would be good for
an online class I know sometimes people
take an online class because they think
it's easier but I think it's actually a
little bit harder
that you have to have more self
development or be able to make sure that
you do things on your own so first of
all what about the tactic that some
students use to maybe think well it's
gonna be easier because it's online yeah
and I would agree with your assessment
that it is in most cases more difficult
as an online course I think the benefit
and kind of the ideal student is someone
who is very self-motivated and just
doesn't have the time or the flexibility
to be in class at the times that they're
offering that is really kind of a
primary student that would be successful
in an educational program is one who's
very self-motivated would otherwise
probably be in class but just for
whatever reason whether it's work or
family is unable to be able to do so
okay so a lot of pharmacy students or
pre pharmacy students will take classes
and they'll think all right well I'm
just gonna take some online some in
class how do you recognize or how do you
figure out if somebody is a good fit for
the online class again you know kind of
a it really requires an assessment of
that individual if it's someone who and
you can ask you know hey or have you had
experience doing this before do you
enjoy exercises in class where you're
given large amounts of material to read
to go through kind of XS
is that something that you feel like you
could be successful with and if the
answer is no then a traditional life
setting is probably the better option
for those students and if the answer is
yes and student needs flexibility and if
they're able to take courses at midnight
if they need to then it could be a very
good fit okay well I know a lot of
students want to get into pharmacy or
get into Health Professions but they're
not sure if pharmacy technician path is
for them they look at maybe a program
and they say wow that's that's a little
bit too long for me or or online would
be better can you tell me a little bit
about how 3cg has created an online
program for the pharmacy technician sure
telling you thank you we have an
excellent program that we put together
on call our pharmacy technician group
care and pharmacy technician boot camp
was designed to be a really
comprehensive review kind of pursuit
who were thinking about taking the
national certification exams for one to
give them the materials that they need
to be successful on those exams but also
to give individuals an idea of what
pharmacy technology is all about and
whether or not that's something that
they would enjoy and it's something
that's offered at a very low cost and
it's something that certainly accessible
to many and we have a program that's
four we have an $86 membership that
includes unlimited see for entire year
and that our pharmacy technician boot
camp which is an additional twenty two
hours of continuing education credits
has offered at $219 in Spencer again a
great tool for students or anybody
looking to take this national
certification exams again get one last
push in or before taking those exams to
help prepare or just for individuals who
are kind of seeking like hey what is
this going to be a good fit for me would
this be something that would be willing
or would like to put more time into or
you can go into one of these accredited
programs sure okay well tell me a little
bit about what would actually happen on
a day to day basis so when somebody says
online that may be a little confusing to
somebody's new to it could you tell me
maybe you know in the first week what
would they be doing is there a certain
number of weeks that it lasts is it
self-paced what are the how exactly is
it set up of course is set up to be
completed over eleven weeks it's divided
into 11 modules and kind of see what the
expectations would be for that week but
we realize that students are have
different availability some students may
be able to only do 30 minutes a week and
so we appreciate that and so it's set up
for 11 weeks but we allow students up to
a year to complete the program if they
need to
so there are individual expectations
kind of this is what we want to have
completed to complete this module and
the students can assess those modules
online 24/7 it's all home study webcast
and then they answer multiple choice
questions which are set up to you kind
of test the information that
would be applicable for these national
exams so the same domains and the topics
that are going to be covered on this
exam so our end goal is to help the
students feel a lot more comfortable
going into these exams and those might
be and so in terms of getting set up for
the exam so they've taken the 11 weeks
what's their next step right after that
11 weeks is over
we recommend registering for that exam
right away and the reason for that is is
our program is really designed it's a
very condensed format and it covers a
lot of key information that students
have had if they've been in a formal
education program over the course of a
year perhaps a year and a half and it
doesn't in 11 weeks and so we feel like
the sooner that a student can get in
after completing the program the better
or more successful they're going to be
because as you know the more time that
elapses after a student has been out of
class the less that they're going to
remember okay all right well I've asked
you a couple of questions is there
anything you wanted to make sure that
everybody gets and then if you could get
your contact information let me know how
or let this listeners know how they can
reach you if they're interested in the
sure absolutely again my name is Kevin
Hoke and I'm with 3c EECOM web address
for ECE comm and my email address is
Kevin ke VI n dot h ope at three and we offer continuing
education for both pharmacists and for
pharmacy technicians and it is a
fantastic resource especially if your
state requires live C we have lots of
live seee opportunities really one of
the leading companies in that industry
and so I would encourage you to check us
out and see what we have to offer for
both pharmacist and technicians alive
thanks for being on the pharmacy leaders
podcast thank you Tony
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