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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Mar 12, 2018

We highlight Matt Marinchick a country music singer who will be our tour guide for Nashville on Monday and Wednesday's episodes. Here are his performing dates and times during APhA 2018. 

Thursday 3/15/18 Famous Saloon, 110 2nd Ave N, 11 AM to 2 PM

Friday 3/16/18 Westin Hotel, 807 Clark Place, 5 to 9 PM

Sunday 3/18/18 Margaritaville, 322 Broadway, 330 to 7 PM

Monday 3/19/18 Cafe Fontanella,  4125 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN, 6 to 8 PM

Tuesday 3/20/18, The Stage on Broadway, 412 Broadway, 11 to 2 PM

Tuesday 3/20/18, Puckett's Boathouse, 94 E Main St
Franklin, TN 37064, 7 to 8:30 PM

 Full Transcript:

Welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy leaders podcast is a member of the pharmacy podcast network with interviews and advice on building your professional network brand and a purposeful second income from students residents and innovative professionals welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast before we get into the actual episode I want to do a little bio on Matt Marin chick who's going to be our guest on today's episode and also on Wednesdays episode like many country music sing singer songwriters Matt Marin chicks journey started with the guitar he says my dad was about to get rid of his old guitars and asked him not to I wanted to try my hand at playing he says and fast-forward 17 years and here he is in Nashville signing a record deal with century music group and then Marin chick learned early on that hard work dedication paved the road to success in life at six foot ten here in the four-year full basketball scholarship to Ohio State University and then moved on to play six successful seasons professionally in Europe including time in I'm gonna butcher this word but in Slager the highest-level League of professional club basketball in Germany feeling the desire to keep following his dreams Marin chick moved to Nashville in the summer 2011 to pursue a country music career and the experience of practice of regularly performing on stage began to bring their and Czech high praise and recognition eventually grabbed the attention of century music with label founder and music producer art ward who says that is the whole package talented singer strong songwriter skilled musician and eager hardworking overachiever and a real go-getter can't go wrong with an artist's life that says ward so in 2014 Marin tech began work on his debut album in central music group entitled big 2015 he released a limited release signed and numbered collector's edition EP stating five songs from the big album mats an energizing performer who makes it the perfect combination of country music be proud of all ages entertain says Jerome France manager of lucky stout housed in Columbus Ohio so camara ticks life thus far were put into a song it would be one of twists and turns of hard-working determination and a new beginnings the great things to come I hope you enjoy the episode with Matt Baron chick country music singer out of Nashville Tennessee [Music] welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast I'm your host Tony Guerra and today I have Matt Marin chick who is a country music singer in Nashville he came from the Ohio state university went out to Europe for a little while and then came back to the states to live his entrepreneurial dream and I thought we'd talked to him right before we descend on Nashville and mass as the pharmacist nation so Matt welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast thank you so much good to good to be here all right let's just start a little bit with your road tell me a little bit about Ohio State you were a basketball player there and you know you went to Europe and then how you ended up in Nashville or how you made that big jump well okay yeah so I guess I should say I'm 6 foot 10 to begin with so the basketball thing is a prep when you're 6 foot 10 the first thing they make you do is dance and then you can do then you have the opportunity to do whatever you want after that okay all my life you know basketball was a was a priority for a long time but I started playing guitar at a young age my dad played and taught me to play and I would well I guess when I got older I started to play in the offseason that you know bars and coffee shops and frat houses and it kind of just grew from there so then finally after about six seasons it was six seasons in Germany I ended up just really loving my music side of my life so much that I was like man I I was getting bummed out having to go back home or going back to Europe because I wanted to spend so much time playing so I ended up canceling my contract to go back to Dusseldorf and Germany and moved to move down to Nashville like I I took some I started recording an album got it recorded and then moved down to pursue the next chapter so that's something that maybe you know actors and actresses go to LA and then authors go to New York and you go to Nashville so what was that like when you got there it's like hi I'm here you know yeah what's that first daylight when you really got there and it like did it hit you well yes it was kind of strange because I I had you know the first thing is like okay you decide to go to Nashville so then the next thing you have to think about is okay where am I gonna live so I had a voice coach who's giving me some vocal lessons and she knew her she had a student that was down here doing some background vocal stuff for a whole bunch of singers and she told me to get in contact with him he actually ended up singing background vocals on my first album and he knew his he also played he sang background vocals for Loretta Lynn who has a guitar player who has a place that he's running out to somebody and the guy's wrenches went up so I ended up calling this guy and moving into his basement slash rental home when I first got here he added set up as a separate home and I lived there for the first couple years of my life are in Nashville so I it was cool because I got to learn a lot of hear him play a lot of old country songs which I already liked but um he and get to go see lore at LAN and it was really cool experience okay so you landed how do you make a living that's the second thing so you are in LA and New York and people are waiting tables or whatever job that that allows them to have the flexibility to do their gigs when they come up but how do you how do you make a living okay so when I first got to Nashville all in my mind was songwriting like that's what I thought was gonna be my path like I'm gonna start writing songs and you know hopefully down the line they'll start bringing in money but fortunately I had a basketball career that had left me with some money that I could use to kind of segue between the two careers I guess so I didn't have to just immediately get into it job which was really good because I got a chance to do a lot of networking and that's really important in this world of me of music is connecting to people who also write songs and play gigs and stuff like that and I did that for a while the first like I guess I'm three or four months I just spent writing songs and getting to know people and opportunities were and then I just I just started getting a a I start getting these little gigs downtown at some really bad hours of the week and just because they were the first ones available and that's kind of how it is like they test you out and ask you to play at these like Monday afternoon gigs where that normally there's nobody there but you play two or three people yeah and then slowly eventually learning more songs learning how to communicate with the crowd learning the whole trade of performing you kind of get better and get better times and get more gigs and people start calling you and said are you having to go reach out I mean there's some bars that had to wait six months to get into and from the first moment contacted and then some were immediate you know it's all different so and now I've got to a point where sometimes in the spring summer and fall I'm playing you know thirty to thirty five gigs a month so it's a big it's a big change it's a lot more playing than writing if I had my choice but at the same time you know that's how you got to pay the bills we knew when it comes down to writing you know it's such a small chance that your song is going to be picked up then it's a smaller chance that is going to be picked up by a big-time artist and then it's even smaller chance that that artist is gonna put it on their album and it's gonna get released and then it's gonna be a you know top 40 song and you're gonna actually get some revenue from it so you know playing roulette I guess you could say it's just it's a riskier thing with not as much continual return as you know playing the gig getting paid for it going home you know putting in the bank so that was more appealing for me so let's start doing that a lot more do you get paid for your gigs or do you just make the money from the CDs that you sell or is a combination or depend downtown you play for tips on Broadway that's how people make the money down there and then the CDs you sell or whatever merchandise you have for me it's CDs out of town is is always better for a musician or anything because out of town they pay you a base pay so you do that then you make tips then you sell CDs so it's a the road gigs people really enjoy as performers and artists and stuff down here it's usually more lucrative for like a guarantee but downtown can be just as good you know cause you're playing to a revolving door of you know hundreds of people and the hours that you're playing and people pretty much understand that that's the kind of town that this is where people kind of rely on the kindness of strangers to you know help support these people that are entertaining everybody every day so which starts at like 10:00 a.m. and it goes to about 3:00 a.m. so there's always music playing and everybody's trying to you know everybody's down there doing the same thing trying to get their name out or entertaining people and make money so they can pay their bills or feed their children or you know get their cats and dogs the cigarette that they use I don't know that sounds like another song when we when Mindy and I met you said you were trying to learn a song a day my brother-in-law Michael Peters and he's uh he picked up the guitar probably about six or eight months ago and he just had a baby so he plays to her but he wanted to know how do you learn a song a day is or I think he's I think that you said something to that effect yeah um I think that I'm probably not a song a day cause I think I know I think I know like four hundred and fifty two songs so I've been here for six years so I have not been doing a song a day but I try to learn songs as much as I can especially their songs that people request and when people request the song enough and it's a song that I think that would like fit my kind of range or style or whatever I'll definitely go home and learn it so what I do is just go grab one of my guitars and there's so many different apps and websites that have songs so I'll hop on there and what I'll actually do is go onto YouTube and pull up the video and listen to it one time and then I'll pull up the chords for it next thing and I'll just start going through it and I'll spend you know a few hours getting a good grasp on you know what the song should feel like or there's some I mean I feel good about how good I can play guitar but I know that I'm nowhere near as good as some of the people that are recording these songs and so there might be a part or two that I kind of have to make my own by like picking apart that is a able for me to play and sing out and not be too complicated that I'm gonna be messing it up so you know I might have to leave out some of the guitar solos and stuff but for the most part I I do my best to get it to sound like their original so that's how that works okay yeah I know I my piano teacher she's like why are you playing this version with four sharps why don't you just play the regular version no charge like all right that's fine you know kids won't know the difference kids don't know the difference okay so you you've made it to Nashville and so what is your life look like on a day to day basis now you're you I think I saw some kind of Facebook post where you were like you were briefly in the show in Nashville like when I say briefly I know yeah yeah yeah can you tell me a little bit about that and kind of like did that how did that happen okay so I you know sometimes like I don't really like too many days off so if there's a too many days off I get I start looking for things that um I can do and one of them was I got in I'm trying to remember how the first time this came about I got a phone call from a guy that I had met downtown at well just south of I guess would be west of downtown at a place called Midtown area which is a whole bunch of bars that are more for the people that live in town and don't go down to the Broadway bars but there was a place I ran into a guy he ran a casting thing for a whole bunch of different shows and movies and music videos he did that so he ended up in the seat fillers so for fare award shows so my first actual opportunity with this company was to go to the CMA Awards was just cool so I get to go there and sit and fill in a seat which was pretty awesome free chance to go see the CMAs and then yeah yeah it was supposed to be where when the stars got up to leave and they needed to still film and wanted to look like it was an empty show they would we would go run down sit in the chair and when they came back we'd move and then that was it so that we were seat fillers but I kind of got lucky because I found a seat that was just empty I got to sit there the whole time so it was kind of cool and I was pretty close and get to see it was my first opportunity being at the CMAs and it was is a cool experience but anyway back to the main story I ended up getting asked to do some scenes for this new show coming out called Nashville and thought is cool so it's a cool experience I had never done anything like that you go to this set and there's a lot of people there because you're an extra and they depending on where you are you know out of location or at this studio you end up doing whatever they tell you to do over and over and over and over again and they feed you a meal or two depending how long you are there and you get to meet a lot of cool people most of the people there are other you know starving artists or whatever you say but yeah my first scene there was I was a bouncer for about five seconds checking people's IDs at the door of a bar but then I've done it other times where I be at a coffee shop or I think I think if I really look through all the episodes the last few years I think I'm on you know twelve or thirteen but you would never know it because it's just like a background scene and you're just kind of just peeking your head because I'm so tall they like to use me a lot to set me in somewhere which will block another camera that's in the scene and they don't have to move it so myself so country music star camera blocker as long as they know your brand okay alright well we're gonna we're gonna end here for this first part of the episode and then later we're gonna come back and we're gonna take a walk through Nashville in the in the next week so Matt thanks for being on the pharmacy leaders podcast thank you so much support for this episode comes from 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