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Pharmacy Residency Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

ASHP MidYear and the Showcase are going virtual, what does this mean? What skills do you need to develop? Should you have someone else with you or should you do the chat yourself? Lots of questions answered on this episode of the pharmacy residency podcast.

Jul 26, 2020

Do you feel underappreciated? It's a lot more than hurt feelings and there's a lot you can do about it. Often, humility gets in the way of making sure you get the recommendation at the level that you should. There is a professional way to make sure your direct supervisor knows how hard you are working and what work you...

Jul 14, 2020

Filling in gaps is critical for getting a residency or position this year, if you need help with the teaching component, I can help, email me at but I talk about how to tell if you really need to make sure all five boxes: clinical, teaching, research, service and leadership are filled in...