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Pharmacy Residency Podcast: Residency Interviews and Advice

Aug 9, 2022

Midyear hotels range from $31 per person with double-occupancy all the way up to $300 a night, but now is the time to book those hotels with ASHP. Also, I'm now getting requests for LOI help that I start now, I will limit the number of people I help to provide the best service, you can find more details...

Jul 23, 2022

In this last episode with Sydney Day at the University of Iowa she surprises me that she was able to get an interview for a part-time academic position with her experience here. If you're interested in talking to me about the APPE or participation in teaching, email me at

Jul 15, 2022

Becoming debt free is achievable, but how fast you get there often depends on a few key habits. In this episode, P4 Sydney Day and I talk about the habits that can get you to the promised land. Questions for me, email me at

Jul 9, 2022

It may seem like you're doing fine, but really time is one of our greatest enemies when it comes to doing the best work, staying out of debt, or earning a residency. In this episode we'll talk about how to get some of that time by with P4 Sydney Day from the University of Iowa. Need help with your residency application,...

Jun 29, 2022

I interview Sydney Day, a University of Iowa finance graduate and P4 about the smart things one can do to get through pharmacy school expenses. Need help with editing for abstracts, papers, or presentations contact me at