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Pharmacy Leaders Podcast: Inspiring Pharmacy Leadership Interviews

Jan 19, 2019

10 Book Giveaway from Your Financial Pharmacist Here:

and I talk about the three things you should do when faced with a massive income loss. Check out the audio version of the residency interview book here 

Oct 30, 2018

PubMed Writing, PubMed Editing, and CE Content Writing Gigs. I only write book-length works now, but for those of you that are interested in making maybe an extra mortgage payment or getting Holiday cash, please work through the new member workflow process - get into the Facebook group, fill out the form to get your...

Oct 15, 2018

College, career, residency, relationships, and money ultimately come with trade-offs, I talk to an expert in pharmacist personal finance Tim Ulbrich who is moving to his new digs in Columbus OH, but who shares his perspective on some of the toughest decisions facing pharmacy students, graduates, and...

Jul 25, 2018

Matt and Nikki Javit find creative ways to keep down their costs, get involved in the communities, and network with locals while having a great time travelling the world since February 2017.

They have been to places like Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, and The Taj Mahal, and amazing cities like Hong Kong, Venice,...

Jul 9, 2018

As you look towards your new home or rental, I use my 20 years of experience in real estate to review some pitfalls new homebuyers might make if they haven't been in the real estate game before. 


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welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a...