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Pharmacy Residency Podcast

Jun 27, 2019

Free jobs book today and tomorrow: 

Here is the Reddit board that has the most information about the recent round of layoffs. 

My best to all those...

Jun 17, 2019

Would you like to find the time to make your living as a writer? Joanna Penn is one of my favorite authors in the world moving between fiction and non-fiction and she started in a corporate career and eventually moved into her own entrepreneurial space. I know you'll get a ton out of the interview. Make sure to visit...

Jun 14, 2019

Graduation rates are really important because if the supply numbers aren't going down, the speed at which our profession needs to innovate and create new opportunities for graduates outside of retail, hospital, and residency needs to happen now.

Brian Fung and a few others lead the way in the IT sector. Brandon Dyson...