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Pharmacy Residency Podcast

Mar 29, 2023

Everyone's financial journey is different, but there are some tips that you can use to better navigate uncertainty. 

Here's a link to the Unicorn Jobs book if you're looking for something outside the box to help you grow your finances. 

Mar 25, 2023

Pharmacology Course:

NAPLEX Pass Rates start at 21% and average out at 80% and MPJE Pass Rates start at 25% and average out at 77%.

While it may not be fair, RPDs would do well to at least ask how your NAPLEX and MPJE preparation is coming along and I make a recommendation that RPDs...

Mar 18, 2023

Conversations fly back and forth between RPDs and candidates way before the application window opens. Make sure you have a good email of interest to help build, sort, and qualify your final list to apply to. You can find the template here and if you want my one-on-one help with your LOI...

Mar 15, 2023

While the quality of residency applicants has gone down dramatically, residency sites are not lowering their standards and we have tremendous opportunities for good students to still get residencies.

Check out or contact me with questions! I'm so excited to help you guys...

Mar 9, 2023

I am introducing a pivot to the show in this episode, where it will become the Pharmacy Residency and Money podcast, where we will talk about career, health, and wealth related to residency.

Residencies will be relatively easy to get, with an over 80% match rate in the near future and into the 90s over the next...