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Pharmacy Residency Podcast

Apr 29, 2018

A summary look at this week's pharmacy podcasts, blogs, and vlogs. 

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Full Transcript:

welcome to the pharmacy leaders podcast
with your host Tony Guerra the pharmacy
leaders podcast is a member of the
pharmacy podcast network with interviews
and advice on building your professional
network brand and a purposeful second
income from students residents and
innovative professionals hey welcome to
pharmacy news Sunday I'm actually
recording on Sunday because yesterday I
created a new podcast the Ankeny podcast
which is hyperlocal just for my little
town of 50,000 here and it's a lot it's
a lot of fun in a different way because
I going to get to see everybody that I
interview and as opposed to actually
having never met about 80 or 90% of the
people that I have on the pharmacy
leaders podcast so something to do for
summer I'm pretty excited I decided not
to do any in-class teaching well a
little bit but not too much in class
teaching this summer so a lot of time
for that what's coming up this week on
the pharmacy leaders podcast so Ahmed it
was my p4 from the University of Iowa
interviewed Mike case hub who is a CEO
of my case of consulting he has about
300 pharmacists that work with him to
really improve patient outcomes got to
talk to him at Drake Relays or the
alumni BBQ at Drake yesterday actually
with a lot of other pharmacists and I'll
talk to you about that a little bit
later in the show on Wednesday we
traveled to Santa Monica California
where we listened to Pam Tarlow who is a
pharmacist there doing integrative
pharmacy so homeopathic herbals things
like that and if I hurt her right she
said that their pharmacy does not take
insurance so if you can imagine that and
she said she would talk to us maybe in
about six months so they've just started
a recent collaboration where one day a
she works in a physician's office and I
think that's a certainly in direction
we're going and then the personal
pharmacist dr. Richard weaith I talked
to on the pharmacy future leaders but I
wanted to bring his episode back because
we're kind of moving towards what we're
going to do when we graduate and one of
those options is going to be working
with physicians but I think that you're
actually going to need to already have
either a database of patients that you
work with or it's going to be a very
gradual collaboration where maybe you
start one day a week and show how that
one day a week if it's helping and then
you need two days a week but this
thought that we're gonna be working five
days a week in a physician's office
right off the bat I don't think is
necessarily what I'm seeing
right now as far as trends out there so
TLDR pharmacy again he post something
every couple of weeks so expect
something maybe next week but he has
that med rec and then if you're on his
email list there was an update to the
diabetes guide that you can download and
he's pretty good about keeping up with
anything that he sends out happy farm
Dino new blog posts jackie-boy last week
talked about how to do less and
accomplish more and really comes down to
being focused on single tasks making
sure that you can recognize the
difference between important and truly
urgent pharmacy Podcast mothership so
there were four episodes last week fit
pharmacist interviewed Aaron Albert
so some Krauss interviews between
podcast hosts pharmacy spectrum podcast
under toxin versus anda spores and then
pharmacogenomics in long term senior
care pharmacy which seems to be
something that a lot of people are
interested it's just kind of a cool PGX
is just even cool to say but I think a
lot of people are looking forward to
pharmacogenomics as being part of it but
how do we fit in because really work
bridging medical lab physicians office
and physician care and then us as the
ones that say okay well here are the
results from the lab and I know you
don't want this big stack of paper
here's what you need to know for this
particular patient and then it looks
like someone's taken over the pharmacy
future leaders which I did I want to say
like I don't even know how many episodes
I did I want to say did like 75 episode
it's something like that but it looks
like it's going to be a Nova
Southeastern University student who is
working with dr. Scott kid Johnson who
is the director of student transitions
and an assistant professor there you can
hear the future summit where it looks
like a lot of students got to go and see
what some of the future opportunities
are in pharmacy and that was on March
29th so just last month hey other
podcasters outside of the network so dr.
Richard weaith talks with someone in
Canada and it was kind of funny to
listen to him go back and forth because
the pharmacist she's like really it's
like that in the United States I don't
know how you guys do that
because we don't have limits on how much
a drug company can charge so it can just
absolutely price out so many patients
that are in need and then on the other
hand we're seeing how much sense a lot
of the things that the Canadian
government did with socialized medicine
and figuring out solutions to okay well
we tried this incentive and then this
happened and so forth so great back and
forth between dr. Richard weaith and
Brandi oops and Brandi maybe a
pharmacist from Canada Hilux talks got a
new one
pulmonary embolism so if you are deep
into the clinical and you're wanting
update or you're just want something a
little bit longer for some nap like
study then clicking in a screen all day
then I definitely recommend helix talk
on your way to your AP PE or on your way
to almost graduation it's coming
hilary blackburn she usually releases
something on sunday so prior later today
she'll release a new one but last week
was synergizing pharmacy with technology
and I always recommend her podcast to
talk to your pharmacist podcast she
really does a great job of talking one
on one with somebody and and figuring
out and what it is that we can do if we
want to go down that same person's path
I haven't mentioned pharmacy Joe much
because he's super clinical and I am non
clinical so often the things that he's
talking about are just completely out of
my scope of practice but episode 287 how
to stop stumbling through conversations
with physicians I think is one that's
incredibly important because really you
want to show your confidence you want to
establish those relationships and then
even possibly working for physicians
with physicians and he does a great job
and his episodes are always pretty short
won't take up too much your time on the
YouTube channels Paul Tran how to
succeed in life it's actually gotten
quite a few views it was about five days
ago he put that out and then he has a
number of other ones but he's talks
about how he's the Foothill pharmacist
but also has three part-time jobs and
it's kind of interesting that our our
profession is kind of moved that way
where we'll have our full-time job but
we're so nervous about what kind of the
future holds that we don't really want
to let go of those other jobs that we
Brian Fong just released on the 28th so
that would have been yesterday because
it was national take-back day role of
infection control analyst and he's got
some really cool videos especially if
you're into informatics and then Kevin
he's been podcasting almost every other
day he talks a lot about pharmacy a lot
about money and a Montblanc a pen
I don't really know how much that cost
but I expect it's gonna be pretty
expensive the last thing I wanted to
leave you with was I'm kind of adopted
into the Drake family and just find out
the Chi so those are the ones I usually
hang out with but
it was just nice to see so many Drake
alumni and Drake students yesterday and
I guess what was kind of shocking was
how few of us worked in the same field
in any way so we had and I and I pulled
everybody up on Facebook to see so we
had let's see community pharmacists we
had someone who works as a VP added at
the State Association someone who works
at a National Association as an
associate director we have somebody
who's a hospital pharmacist
let's see another VA pharmacists
VA pharmacists couple let's see the
owner of his own business so Mike a sob
and the number of the people that worked
for him were there as well and then yeah
so and then someone who's going to be a
fellow at a state pharmacy Association I
want to make sure that we don't confuse
these two things people are asking you
know is pharmacy something I should get
into and it depends when I just not only
thinking about this because I just got
the question on YouTube hey you know I
want to become a pharmacist but I'm
seeing a lot of negativity towards
pharmacy and pharmacy jobs and you know
that's true there are not only a lot of
pharmacy schools but someone also just
mentioned on my facebook that there are
a lot of really large classes you know
into the hundreds and I think some
schools even to the thousands of
students in these classes but we have
15,000 graduating but the thing that
just happened is that this great
increase in the residence or the 5,000
residents that we now have each year
something like that where we added 1,500
that group just graduated so that was a
delay and would have would have helped
if there was some kind of decline in the
number of pharmacy graduates but it's
just increasing and so when people say
is pharmacy a good job to get into us I
was like well if you can get a job these
jobs are really cool like we all do
really different things and I think we
certainly enjoy what we do and most of
us do and you know if you can get that
job it's great but the problem is that
the number of jobs are just not as there
just aren't as many as we need for that
mass of people that continue to come out
of these pharmacy schools so is pharmacy
a good profession yeah there are good
jobs in pharmacy and people are very
satisfied with what they do and should
you get into pharmacy if you're you know
your pre-pharmacy now and the answer
depends on how much you're going to work
for it and that you recognize how hard
it is to get that you know I want to say
that you know the golden job or whatever
but it's so different for everyone you
know someone who's working as a you know
VP at an association is completely
different than you know a PG why to
critical care Hospital is completely
different than someone like me who works
in non patient care who spends his days
teaching each day in writing and just
completely different so are there
opportunities out there absolutely are
you gonna have to work for it yeah and
is it a good job if you just want to go
right to 120,000 and and whatever it is
yeah no that's gone that's done so what
will things change will things change
with provider care I like talking to my
case obviously I'm not waiting I'm not
gonna wait for you know to see if we get
it or when we get it I'm gonna continue
to run the company with the conditions
that we have because even if we get it
then the conditions change so I I think
that in terms of you know my kind of one
minute stump speech here recognize that
we do have some great opportunities in
pharmacy and that we should help those
that are in our networks but in terms of
those people they're just like you know
is it a is it a quick way to a lot of
money that you're not going to be
satisfied with it so but let's end on a
positive note Drake Relays the weather
was amazing
was super nice for the last two days and
it was great that they separated the
half-marathon from Drake is always on
like Friday I can't really watch the
relays I'm getting ready for the race
the next day so probably the best relays
I've been to with unfortunately the
Peggy's Cup was a little bit
disappointing this year but anyway maybe
we've always got next year so I will
continue to talk to you guys over the
summer as we get towards finals here so
good luck on those finals good luck to
those of you that are just starting AP
Pease in a couple of weeks and I will
talk to you next week
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